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Sonia Kashuk is my go-to drugstore brand for makeup brushes. Okay not exactly drugstore because it’s exclusively sold at Target. But you get what I mean, affordability without compromising quality. Case in point, this duo-fiber crease brush ($6.99).

So you are here because you lurveee makeup, would like to learn makeup, or you googled Sonia Kashuk and serendipity brought you here. Regardless of your reason, I have but one question for you- what do you think makes a good eye makeup?

Skills, correct. Brush or tools, correct. Quality eye shadows, correct. But see not all of us are born with exquisite skills to whip out runway-worthy looks. Expensive palettes don’t mean quality. However, if you are using the right brush, a crappy palette can look sassy. Trust me, even a noob can do it.

This duo-fiber crease brush is great for blending, blending, and blending. I say that repeatedly because some eye makeups neglect this aspect. You blend for flawless finish and for smooth transition of colors. From lid to crease, from outer corner to mid, etcetera etcetera. Since this brush is angled, it fits nicely into the crease as you do the “wind-wiping” motion. The bristles are soft and dense; in fact you can also use this to apply your under eye concealer. As with my other Sonia Kashuk brushes, I had no shedding issues at all.

Have you tried this one yet?


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3 thoughts on “Blend Blend Blend. Sonia Kashuk Duo-Fiber Crease Brush Review

  • I swear my Target hates me. They either never have anything fun or my husband is rushing to get out of there! I like the looks of this brush.

    • LOL! Don't go to Target w/ your hubby next time. The thing w/ men in general (my hub included) is that they go to the store, head straight to the aisle where their item is, pay, then leave. Now with us women, we go inside the store with several things in mind, wander around clueless, then leave with double (or triple) the things we originally wanted, LOL!!!! Thanks for stopping by.xo

  • Haha, spot on with male consumer behavior Kath. that's y I never go shopping with my hubby. the Sonia Kashuk brush seems really promising – I'm looking for something that blends great and value for money so this fits the bill perfectly

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