I purchased all products mentioned in the post.

Here’s another one-brand makeup look, this time I decided to be a Tarte Sweetheart. No, not the please-vote-for-me-type-so-I-can-fly-to-NYC. It’s the petty Face of the Day because-I-want-to-sort-of-thing. Now that you understand the insanity, let me show the products I used:

1. Gifted Amazonian Clay mascara and multiplEYE Lash Primer. Those eyelashes don’t lie, check out my full review for the hardcore evidence.

2.  Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. It’s a love-hate thingie for this product. I love its creaminess and ease of application but hate that the tube I purchased felt like half-cream, half-air. Yeah it feels empty. Factory defect? probably but see I’m not good at returning so I kept it for memory sake.

3. Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder (bronzer). I like the little nice sun-kissed glow it gives my fez.

4. Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation.  Undoubtedly one of my top foundys all year round. It suits my icky greasy face well.

5. Picture Perfect Eyelash curler. Not the best eyelash curler known to womankind but I hold on to it like your raggedy doll. 

6. Amazonian Clay 12-hr Blush (Natural Beauty). Again one of my tarte staples. This blush is uberly pigmented you need a light hand to apply it.

7. Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palette. Great for everyday wear. Want to be a sweetheart? try tarte. #selfie

8. EmphasEYES eye liner. One of the worst and driest I’ve tried in my whole existence. I got it from a gift set so who am I to whine. But I made a pact with myself not to buy this evah!

9. Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush. It looks deformed in the photo because I just used it my dear! But seriously, it applies smooth and even. And since it’s a monster of a brush, buffing and blending are easy peasy.

Macro view of the frickin’ dry eyeliner; hard to maneuver thus the smudge!

I realized I only have 1 tarte lippy and it doesn’t jive with the whole vibe.
I used a different brand instead.
Note to self: go buy Aqualilies next time!

What’s your favorite from tarte?


*own purchase*

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7 thoughts on “Face of the Day: Tarte Sweetheart

  • I hadn't been paying too much attention to Tarte, but since trying one of their Glamazon lipsticks (and being completely blown away), they're back on my radar. I've heard great things about the concealer and that eyeshadow palette – LOVE. The colors look gorgeous on you 🙂 Oh ps: I hate the emphazeyeye (whatever) liner too… well, loved it for about a month, until it dried up and broke off… hate flushing $14 down the drain

    • Hi Catherine, I enjoy reading your comment/s! The concealer is nice! Yeah, that emphaEYEs eyeliner is PITA. It's not worth the price definitely. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!xo

  • Like the purple/pink eyeshadow

  • Jean

    What shade are you in the foundation?

  • I heard so many great things about that concealer, so I bought it and mine was half air too! I thought it was a defect so I tried to return it and the lady made me feel like an idiot, and she said "well, there's not much product in there, so they're all like that…." then she squeezed the sample one so I could see…for some reason the sample one seemed to have more product than mine that I purchased. Anyways, I ended up getting scared off and kept it but I still get pissed off every time I think about it!

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