‘Ey you Matt(e)! Two weeks I put up with ya and your multiple personalities. ‘Can’t keep secrets from my readers and girlfriends anymore. So do we take ~~>this<~~ to the next level or I say baboosh to you?

Meet Matt(e) Nude, all in naked glory. Does size really matte(e)rs? Moi got the zing!

Sucker for packaging. If there’s one makeup brand that tickles my funny bone with its clever and cutesy packaging, that would be thebalm. I reviewed ‘nudetude, jovi rockstar palette, among others. So when I saw Matt(e) nude, my undies jaw dropped. 

$42, thebalm

So what size is Matt(e) you asked? Oh the eyeshadows! They’re huge and packed with more product compared to other thebalm palettes. For reference, each of these eyeshadows is 2.8 g versus nude’tude and jovi rockstar, both 0.9 g. Therefore, Matt(e) is a stunner in the biggie department! Plus it has a monster mirror to boot.

Alright, let Matt(e) show you his multiple persona.

Matt Johnson: gray

Matt Garcia: chocolate brown

Matt Maloy: white

Matt Rosen: brown

Matte Wood: dark brown 

Matt Singh: peachy brown

Matt Abdul: taupe

Matt Lombardi: golden yellow

Matt Hung: purplish brown

Matt Wood is great for tightlining and filling-in brows. Matt Garcia and Matt Rosen are like siamese twins, the shades are so close you can’t tell the difference when worn. Matt Malloy and Matt Lombardi are quite powdery. The lighter shades (Malloy, Singh, Lombardi) fade fast despite using eye primer while the richer tones (Matt Johnson and Matt Hung)  can be quite difficult to blend.

Kiss and tell 

Dear Matt(e),
I must admit I like some of your traits {pigmentation and wearability}- Wood and Johnson, cant get enough of ’em. If only you were a bit easier to blend and more versatile in color selection, then you can have all of me. So I hate to burst your ego ‘coz handsome and “big” as you are, t’was not love. Infatuated, kinda. But that’s about it. You’re nice to have but not a must-have.

Or maybe I’m a woman that’s just hard to please.


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