{Products mentioned were own purchase + PR sample}

Top (L-R) Bath & Body Works Butterfly Flower Shower Gel, Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15,
Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover, Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser
Bottom (L-R) Pureology Hair Conditioner, Colure Sulfate Free Shampoo,
Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo

So here we are again talking about my new product empties, as if the world cares {insert evil laugh here}. But hey this is a feat for someone whose eyes get big whenever she hits the beauty aisle. Oki, before I throw these empty products away, may I present them one last time….

Bath and Body Works Butterfly Shower Gel. I don’t know about you but my favorite items to buy (and hoard) from Bath and Body Works are shower gels. I like this scent butterfly flower, it’s fresh and very feminine. 

Sugar Fresh Lip Treatment SPF 15. I have always been a fan of Fresh lip balm, it’s one of the most moisturizing I have ever tried. I like that it has SPF 15, yeah our lips need protection too!

Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover. I love to try different ways of removing eye makeup. Cream, gel, micellar, wipes, among others. This gel eye makeup remover has chamomille and green tea, and while I don’t really care about these ingredients, I like that this brand can remove the most stubborn eyeliner and mascara.

Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser. This cleanser is indicated for acne-prone skin like mine. It doesn’t lather because it’s free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). 

Deluxe sizes Pureology conditioner, Colure Sulfate Free Shampoo, Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo. I purposely lumped these hair products just to let you know that I tryyyyyy my veryyyyyyyy best to use up every product in my arsenal. I hate clutter and our bathroom is no exception. It’s funny how HubZilla has only 2 bath products (or men in general) and me (including you woman!) have a gamut of products for every body part. From hair, face, vajay, feet, armpit. Ohmigosh, name it and we all have it. #wattashame.

So what have I repurchased from this batch so far? You bet it’s Bath and Body Works shower gel. Sugar Fresh Lip Balm, Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover and Evologie Cleanser are deferred because I have more products to consume (and report to ya next time).

’til my next random empties beauties,


*links for reference only; own purchase + press samples*

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