Aloha ma ‘zillahs! Let me briefly interrupt your blog feed with some important changes that happened this week. It’s no longer an issue whether I like it or not because we (yeah, You and Me) have no choice but to embrace these developments.

* FTC Disclosure changes. If you are an active blogger then you have probably heard or read the recent changes in FTC Disclosure which took effect last 3/12/13. Carleen of Beauty and Fashion Tech, our lawyer-slash-beauty blogging expert, wrote insightful tips on how to comply with these regulations. In a nutshell, it’s telling me to tell you repeatedly, from beginning to end of my post, if a product was sent by PR, paid for, or if I earn commission from links and whatnots. Nothing’s wrong with that definitely! I blog with integrity, bow. But thing is, these echolalic “I received this product from company XYZ” mentioned numerous times can affect the creative thought process of bloggers. It’s like watching your fave TV show and you are repeatedly bombarded with the same effin‘ MnM commercial. Wouldn’t that be irritating and insulting to you as a reader? I’d like to see these rules implemented in tri-media. I want Eva Longoria to say “company thisthat paid me million bucks” as she flashes her ginormous fake lashes. Anyhoo, let’s see how I’ll tackle this new policy in my next posts.

*Google reader, bye-bye! Starting July 1, 2013, Google reader will retire so if you’re following blogs this way, it’s time to find new alternatives. I like Feedly, you may too! Or you can follow TheFabZilla via HelloCotton or Bloglovin‘!

* New social media icons. Big shout-out to Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic for the hot pink buttons! She made several downloadable icons for FREE!

* New Youtube banner. It makes sense to use one banner for my blog and channel for consistency right?

Oki, back to regular programming!


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