When Sting Makes You Sing! Pacifica Purify Coconut Cleansing Wipes Review

Yeah, I’m talking about sting like noun or verb, not Sting the singer. Or could be both. Oki, what I really mean is that these cleansing wipes from Pacifica (which is now available at Target; see my hauls here and there) smell sooooo coconuty-licious good that I can sing in ecstasy though my face says it sting! Oh I see, I spot citric acid and papaya fruit extract from the ingredients.

$5.99, 30 pre-moistened towelettes

Ingredients: purified water, decyl glucoside, glycerin, coconut water, aloe leaf extract, papaya fruit extract, calendula extract, polysorbate 20, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, all-natural fragrance.

Other things to like: 100% vegan, cruelty-free, formulated without parabens, SLS, phtalates, petroleum and sulfates; for all skin-types, great for travel, can be used to tone skin.

Other things to not like: doesn’t remove all grime and makeup. And if I may repeat, even mah eyes feel the sting so don’t use it there. #youvebeenwarned #commonsense


Still on Sting fever, did you catch him perform at the Grammy’s with Bruno Mars, Ziggy Marley and Rihanna? what say you? ‘thought he was great!

*bought this*



  1. February 22, 2013 / 2:47 pm

    sounds good, to bad it doesnt take all make up

    • February 24, 2013 / 8:27 pm

      yeah, they're nice to use to freshen up but not really for makeups

  2. February 22, 2013 / 4:17 pm

    Well…good to know. Because if they sting they aren't getting anywhere near my face 🙂

  3. February 22, 2013 / 5:10 pm

    Eeeek!! At least you can save these to wipe away hands/arms when swatching. That's what I do with my less than awesome wipes!

    • February 24, 2013 / 8:28 pm

      yep, exactly what I do too! hope you had a wonderful weekend Tina!

    • April 23, 2013 / 12:51 am

      That is an awesome idea! I hadn't thought of that before. These wipes KILL my face so I can't use them for that, but I will definitely use to clean after swatching! If only more companies made organic and biodegradable wipes…

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