It’s the voyeuristic tendency ladies! C’mon admit it, we want to see what’s inside a woman’s purse, makeup bag, shower, vanity, and all that jazz. I remember some years back, I got mighty pissed with a co-worker when she went through my makeup bag without my permission. No manners right? She then blurted straight to my fez, “what’s all these garbage in your bag?” To which I responded “some expensive garbage you can’t afford woman”. #dontmesswithme #lefteyebrowraised

Now back to our main topic. Let’s start with the makeup bag; it’s a woven clutch from tarte cosmetics which was part of a kit I purchased a year or two ago.

Ready for the big reveal? Much as I love makeups, you’ll be surprised to know that….

I don’t carry much when I’m out and about. Thanks to oil-free makeups, mattifiers, face primers and finishing spray, my makeup bag was radically downsized to bare necessities.

Lippy gal! If there’s one product that’s constantly changing in my otherwise boring makeup bag, that would be lipstick. When this photo was taken, I have four in possession, namely: Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint, NYX Matte lipstick (Euro trash, one of my fave neutrals), Buxom big & healthy lip stick, and a deluxe size Cargo lip gloss.

Germophobe! I wash and sanitize my hands frequently. So far (knock on wood) I haven’t had cough, flu, colds, or any airborne disease over a year now despite patient interactions. So that explains the ‘lil Bath and Body Works sanitizer at the top.

I wear contacts. Those travel-size bottles you see from the photo are eye lubricating and cleansing drops.

Toothpick. It’s a face-saver ‘ya know! Nothing is more embarrassing than to have food stuck in between my teeth, shoot!

Pens. Not that I love to write. But they come in handy like when you’re filling out a form to deposit money and this pen from your local bank hardly writes, goodness gracious!

Business cards that I need to update. They’re old and still bear my previous blog name.

Rollerball perfume from Estee Lauder Romance. T’was a freebie and it happens to be there only. No further explanation.

Mirror freako. Somewhat. But it’s a vintage mirror made from koa wood.

Sample size Aveeno lotion. Never used though.

Keys, house and car. Oh yeah, I stash them there.

And probably the most random and I don’t know why it’s there- my iPod. I haven’t used that in months.

So that concludes my post. ‘Till my next what’s in…..


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