Laser and electrolysis hair removal have each gained a huge following by both women and men alike. Each method has its pros and cons and each delivers different results. If you’re not sure about which one is better for you or if you want to learn about them, here are the basics. 

Is It Forever? 

Laser is permanent hair reduction while electrolysis is permanent hair removal. What this means is that laser doesn’t kill the root of the hair but electrolysis does. Laser simply deactivates your hair follicles so that the hairs are still there but they’re not growing out. 

Timing and Sessions 

You should get laser treatments every four to six weeks for a total of seven times in order to see results. 

You should make weekly or bi-weekly electrolysis appointments for however long it takes with electrolysis. Although electrolysis is permanent there’s no way to say how many treatments you’ll need to get before you’re hair free. 

Are You A Candidate? 

Laser works best on people with thick, black hairs.  

Electrolysis can be used to remove any type of hair regardless of the color and thickness. If you have white, grey, blond, red or brown hair, skip the laser and go for electrolysis instead. 

In Between Maintenance 

If you do laser you can shave in between treatments but have to refrain from any sort of hair removal techniques where you have to pull the hairs out. 

If you opt for electrolysis you must refrain from any sort of threading, waxing or shaving in between treatments because they will only work to strengthen the hairs.  

Damage Control 

It’s actually very easy to get burned during a laser treatment so make sure to always start with a test shot. It only takes a few minutes and the technician will have a better idea of how you will react to the treatments. 

You have to really put your mind to it to burn someone with electrolysis. It’s possible, but not common at all. 

The Ouch Factor 

Because treatments are done so quickly, most laser sessions are pretty comfortable. The areas that hurt the most are Brazilian, the bone in front of the lower leg and sometimes the underarms. Remember that it doesn’t have to hurt to work so if you’re in pain speak up. 

Different people have different reactions to electrolysis. While some people fall asleep during their sessions, others feel every single touch of the probe. The good news is that many people build a tolerance to it and find that it’s not so bad after a while.  If this is not the case for you, you can always use a topical numbing cream to make it more bearable. 


You can’t go tanning while you’re doing laser because you are more likely to get burned during treatments. If you do get some color then take some time off until you get back to your regular skin tone.  


In general, laser is priced based on the body part. It can get pricey but you can find spas that offer package deals. 

Electrolysis is priced as per minute in most spas and salons.  Although it can get very expensive, you won’t feel it as much because you pay as you go. 

Feel free to sun worship all you want while doing electrolysis though. 

Guest Post by Aleya Bamdad. Aleya has been performing electrolysis and laser hair removal for seven years. She specializes in Diode laser hair removal because the machine is effective, can be used on a wide range of skin tones and is safe making it the gold standard of lasers.  

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