$5.99 each, Walgreens

“I didn’t know Sarah Ferguson has makeup line”, thus said my mother who went on a special mission to find me some Fergie Wet n Wild. Hahahaha! my beastly laughter resonated. How cute is my ma-dear for not knowing Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas fame. Oh I forgot, she’s 62! But see, if not for her, I wouldn’t be able to swatch these eyeshadows (can’t find ’em here in Hawaii).

So are these Wet n Wild Fergie eyeshadows from the centerstage collection worth all the hype? Let’s boom boom pow!

If you like Wet n Wild coloricon eyeshadows’ buttery texture and superb pigmentation, you will find these rather dry, chalky and a bit harder to blend. While swatches produced nice color pay-off, they’re actually flat to my makeup vernac.

Desert Festival has two mattes (burnt orange & dark brown), one sheen (beige) and two shimmers (bronze & brown-black). I prefer applying it wet to force (and I mean it literally) it to be vibrant. Used with an eye primer, it did last a good eight hours with minimal fading.

dry as desert!

Maldives Sky is beautiful….from the pan only. It has one matte (gray) and four sheens (mint,  teal, purple and blue). Wet or dry technique, it doesn’t make a difference at all. Blend it and the color is gone. So yeah I had to reapply 4-5 times to make the colors pop. It fades big time, byebye after four hours.

The sky is shy!

I doubt if Fergie herself will like the quality of these eyeshadows. Did she even pay attention or at least swatched some before it went to production? Money speaks so probably she won’t care. Oh I get it, she’s a singer not a makeup connoisseur.

Obviously Wet n Wild did some formula-tweaking to differentiate this line from the coloricon staples. But why reinvent the will if ain’t broke? Me no likey. True to its F logo, it’s a Fail.

Have you tried these yet?


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