Earlier I told you that I’m going to dish out occasional updates about mah skincare saga with Mia 2 (Clarisonic). So I bought this gadget before Christmas because I promised myself to be more skincare- conscious in 2013. $150 for a spinning brush ain’t no cheapo girly! But if I can spend money on makeups, then it makes sense to invest on my barenaked face. Got only one skin til wrinkles run deep. And dry.

So what happened after a month of using it nightly? First, I had to recharge it last week (about 20+ days from initial use) so the power did last long, amen to that!; Second, I am still in awe to see makeup juices as I rinse the brush, eew!; Third, I still gravitate towards the faster setting; Fourth, I am impressed how it deeply cleans my face. You see prior to Mia 2, there are still traces of makeup when I tone, considering I have washed my face already. Lastly, I feel that it complimented my current skincare routine (which I will share next time).

So is this something I can’t live without? It’s only been a month but yeah I feel dirty without Mia 2. I seriously can’t wait to reap the long term results of this brush. It’s a woman thang!

‘Til next ish….


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