Ever wonder why I rarely show my teeth in photos? For one, my face looks disfigured when I show my teeth, #notmybest. Second, I’m a tad conscious because my teeth are not perfectly aligned. I have discussed this with my dentist, and that would require some extraction and brace. I’m kind of old to handle the pain and whatnot. So there, I’m learning to love my flaw. Add the oily face, sheez!

Crooked as they are, there’s one thing I don’t want them to experience. Ever. What good is a nice and expensive lippy when teeth are….

fake yellow teeth; color-manipulated for visualization purposes

You get what I mean? C’mon, not even the brightest red lipstick, smokiest eye makeup, and flashiest Louboutin can hide that yellow smile of shame! Love coffee and tea? ha, culprits to stain. Needless to say my friend, if you have not considered whitening at this point in your life, think again. And again.

So I had the opportunity to try Crest 3D White Strips (Whitening Power 4) that promise to bring noticeable white teeth after three days and full results in twenty days. Retailing for $49.99, this box has 20 treatments, each with one upper and one lower strip.


1. Peel strip from backing liner
2. Long strip is for upper teeth; short for lower teeth
3. Apply gel side to teeth
4. Wear for 30 minutes
5. Remove, of course

How was the feeling? I did have transient tingling sensation (one tooth), but very minimal to say the least.
Is it safe to use? I can’t speak for your teeth, but in general it is. That is if you don’t overuse or wear the strip more than the recommended amount of time.

How long will this last? Per instructions, after 20 days of religious use, effects can last for a year. Not bad!
HubZilla tried it too, how was his experience? There’s a noticeable difference in his teeth after the first use. He had no sensitivity issues, quote unquote.

I’m no teeth expert so I won’t bore you with facts that you probably know already. Brush & floss after meals.

Smile you’re on cam!
flash those real teeth, who cares!

Have you tried Crest or other teeth whitening products? how was your experience?


*Sponsored post as part of One2One Network campaign for Crest 3D White. Links for your reference only*

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