Blame fatigue! I kept on saying nuisance instead of Nuance. So I hope I got the spelling right: N.U.A.N.C.E. Yeah, that makeup line from hot tamales Salma Hayek. And I mean it in a very provocative manner.

Part of my makeup challenge this year is to leap outside my comfort zone and try other brands I usually don’t care about. Not in a snobbish kind of way though. For instance, when I go to Long’s (CVS) or Walmart, my feet always lead me to Wet n Wild shelf and ignore the neighbors. Finally I caved in and said Como estas Salma!

So what is this nuisance Nuance discovery about? It’s a concealer in a typical lipstick-like presentation. Oh wait, there’s a creamy-ish addition.

Light/Medium, about $9

The stick has super dry texture that renders medium coverage while the cream is practically useless (it didn’t conceal dark under eyes). Should you give up now? Not yet, there is hope after all. If the cream is used as base, the stick concealer applies smoothly, hallelujah! Which brings me to the next conclusion. On their own, these two are utter nuisance but when used together, they balance the scale of so-so performance. Alright let me put it this way, it’s like your average student in a classroom of brights and idiots, if that makes sense.

Can you tell the difference?

Let’s finish the scenario. See what makeup can do to that plain fez up there? Well I guess nothing much, hahaha!

Seriously, I think it somewhat illuminated my under eyes. And just so you know, I always set my concealer (regardless of the brand) with a loose powder to avoid cakiness.

Have you tried Salma Hayek, I mean her cosmetics? If yes, what do you recommend?

Oki gonna call it a night now *yawns*


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