My hair has gone through extreme stages and for the most part neglect. From super cropped ala-pixi to vogue-ish bob, out-of-bed-don’t-care, blonde to black, tight curls to flat. Wash, air-dry, hot oil only when I remember. If low maintenance equates to sheer laziness, then I apologize big time to my hair. Now that I know better, I vow to be more conscious of products I use and treatments I try.

Hairstyle through the years.
Don’t be deceived, it’s the same woman!

So I had the opportunity to try some hair care products that are close to home. And I mean it literally. As you may or may not know, popular stylist and salon owner Paul Brown is from Hawaii. Named after Hapuna Bay, known to have botanically perfect ecosystem on the planet, and where native Hawaiians would travel to experience positive energy, the Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Haircare System promise to give hair a perfect balance of protein, moisture, increased strength and shine.

Cruelty-free, sulfate and paraben-free, exactly the formula I am looking for haircare products. So what’s so special about them aside from transporting you to our beautiful islands the moment you jump in the shower?

You know me, I address fragrance in most products I review. If my snob nose says no can’t do, it’s no (pidgin’ talk style auntie). Girl, this shampoo and conditioner combo smell a-h-m-a-z-i-n-g to the nth degree. It makes ordinary bathing feel nirvana.  I definitely noticed a big difference in my hair’s texture. It’s softer, more manageable, and I can actually run my fingers thru my hair. That’s a whole lot from someone who struggles with tangles!

Anti-Freeze Shampoo & Conditioner Key Ingredients: Paul Brown Hawaii proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex, Tea tree oil, kukui nut oil, aloe vera.

image source: Paul Brown website

Now comes my other favorite from this set- Argan Oil with Kukui Nut Lipids Finishing Shine Serum. So with my hair still damp, I pump the bottle twice and apply a small amount from my roots to tips. I also use this in the morning and just before I sleep to give my hair that extra boost of shine (yeah vanity runs in my arteries, hahaha).

Where to buy this awesomeness then? It’s sold in most salons dahlings! But to be sure, here’s the list. You may find one near you.

Traveling to Hawaii? come visit Paul Brown salons

Oki, am off to dreamland now.


*products sent for feature consideration. Links for reference only*

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