Where were you when this unfortunate event happened? I just woke up, checked the internet, turned on the TV and saw the horrific news that made the world mourn. Today, as I watch one of the victim’s father spoke about his daughter, I can’t help but cry again. I am emotionally upset, my eyes are swollen and much as I want to turn off CNN, my heart can’t. We all have experienced loss of a relative or loved one, the pain is just indescribable. How can someone move on from this tragedy? Why these innocent kids? Why the heroic teachers? Why them? There are so many questions and most answers will probably remain in oblivion. In this moment of grief, may the Good Lord bless and comfort the bereaved families.

I would like to applaud the true unsung heroes of this tragedy- those teachers who protected their students from imminent danger. 

I pray that there won’t be any more incidents like these. 

I dedicate this white mani with stars to #Sandyhook #Newtown victims. Angels gone too soon.




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12 thoughts on “White Mani in Memory of the Angels #Sandyhook #Newtown

  • <3 There are no words. I had a hard time with my post. But the gesture, however small, just had to be done.<3

    • That's true Gini. What happened was beyond everyone's comprehension. Around the same time last year, I lost a dear relative and it was hard to be in festive spirit. I hope with God's compassion, the victims' families can move on no matter how difficult it is… Thanks for stopping by

  • Hey Kath, (Hugs) I can not watch the news any more, and the awful coverage of this kind of story is one reason. They are sensationalizing and commodifying suffering. If only our prayers would be answered and this never happen again…. I am feeling Gini's sentiment, I sat there and stared at a blank screen, kept deleting and retyping, but I finally posted it. I try to keep things light on my blog, but I felt the need to acknowledge and remember the victims.

    • I agree with what you said. Hub also told me to stop watching for now. What fears me is somebody in his sickest mind will try to outdo this horrendous act. I hope and pray that there won't be any of these tragedies anymore. Hugs and kisses to you!xoxo

  • what a great idea 🙂 to support the family of those children and teachers.

  • I was having a christmas dinner before having a prom, I got a breaking news message on my phone. I live in Holland so the tv isn't showing 'bout it the whole day and I'm not watching the television that mutch tbh. But does children, my heart really goes out to them and their families. Gorgeous mani.x

    • Thanks for stopping by Arletta. It was really heartbreaking to watch the news. It's a shame that this isn't the first time students were killed in a place we all thought it's safe.

  • Great choice of nail color. Love the color combos and the design. Great idea for this theme. This is one good way of supporting the family of the innocent children.

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