So what constitutes a good eye makeup? Pigment, finish, ingredient, application technique? I say all of the above plus an eyeshadow primer that guarantees a smudge-free look all day. 

Remember Sephora’s Black Friday $10 Deals? Glad that I took advantage of it. Retailing for $21, this full- size LORAC behind the scenes eye primer plus a bronzy eyeshadow cost me only ten bucks! (as of this writing, it’s back to original price). 

What the website says (other than what we already know that it’s an eye primer)
a gentle, lightweight primer that is free of oil, fragrance and parabens; it has a crease-resistant formula that holds pigment in place for long-lasting color; easily glides on eyelids.

What my girlfriends say– do we really need an eye primer?

What I usually say- if you don’t mind looking like a hot mess while out and about maybe you don’t need it. You see before I discover this neat invention, those eyeshadows are no match to my oily lids. I hate to retouch I tell ya!

What my eyelids say- This eye primer goes on smoother than Urban Decay Primer Potion, more lightweight than Kat Von D, and just as crease-resistant as Tarte.  My eye makeup was intact and smudge-free after ten long hours.  A small dot is all you need for priming so probably this tube will last me six months, give or take.

What my neomammalian brain says– Bottom line, if you like LORAC makeups or simply looking to replace your current eye primer (such as the overhyped Urban Decay), this brand won’t disappoint.

What say you? Have you found your eye primer holy grail yet?



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9 thoughts on “What Say You? LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer

  • Your eye makeup is beautiful! For me, UD primer works very well, but I still prefer a wax-based concealer under mattifying powder.

  • I bought this during the black friday sale too, and I love it! I was originally thinking of buying the urban decay primer potion for a while, but I thought this was a good opportunity to get a different one for cheaper – plus I had read reviews where some people preferred the Lorac primer over UD, so I went for it! No regrets!

  • Wow!!! You look gorgeous. Love your eye make up. This eye primer seems like a good product to try out based on your reviews. I'll go and check this out.

  • I wanna try the elf primer but my hope's not high…and will def try lorac if given a chance. 🙂

    Btw sis, could you please be kind enough to support blog just by joining my international giveaway? Thanks xoxo

  • Oooo, nice deal! Yes, I have to say Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my absolute favorite. I like the UD eye primers at times but I have to say that with some shadows I still have creasing and that I cannot handle! I honestly don't know what I did before eye primers.

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