If you give love a bad name and you’re livin’ on a prayer or maybe you’re wanted dead or alive, then you know why I snagged this palette. Bon Jovi fan? die hard here babe! So will I be laying down in a bed of roses with the Balm’s Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette?

I’m a sucker for fancy packaging. If something makes me smile at first glance, my impulse button rings nonstop ’til I cave in. Always.

It’s like watching a rock concert! You have Metal-ica, Blink, rem, Third Eye Blinded, Lead Zeppelin, etc. You pop- pop, disco-disco; then gyrate to the infamous Milly Vanilly. Now tell me if this craziness didn’t tickle you for a second. Hallelujah.

Runaway winner? Let’s dissect further.

At $39.50, this rockstar palette has 12 eyeshadows in metallic, sheen and matte finishes, 1 highlighter, 1 blush, 2 lip/cheek colors. 

Allow these rockstar doppelgangers to introduce themselves:

Metal-ica: Silvery-white in metallic finish with commendable pigmentation.

Adagio: Soft beige in matte finish that’s a little chalky.

Blink 1982: Mauve-plum in sheen finish; moderately pigmented.

Iron Maid-In: Subtle gold in frosted finish, again a little chalky.

Allegro: Matte brown with superb color payoff.

The Stroke: Black/dark navy blue in semi-matte finish; fades easily!

Lead Zeppelin: Metallic olive green; hardest to work with! I really want to love this but t’was a great fail to me!

Moderato: Matte burgundy with superb pigmentation.

rem: Light purple in sheen finish; moderately pigmented

Alice Cooper: Metallic burgundy and a little powdery

Presto: Matte dark brown; moderately pigmented

Third Eye Blinded: Flesh in sheen finish

Solid Gold: Light gold in sheen finish (luminizer/highlighter)

Don’t You Want Me: Matte pink/coral (blush)

Milly: Light rose pink (lip/cheek)

Vanilly: Subtle red (lip/cheek)

Swatching. It’s my Life.

Blaze of Glory. Truth is, this isn’t the rockstar I imagined it to be. I was expecting loud and bold colors ala Steven Tyler. Eccentric, not really. Funky, ‘lil bit. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t Bad medicine at all. While the pigmentation and finish are not as outstanding as thebalm’s nude-tude, they are definitely buildable. For example, Metal-ica works best when layered with a metallic base and Lead Zeppelin when applied wet. Also, patting the eyeshadows rather than dragging gives a more saturated effect. Solid gold (highlighter) is my favorite from this palette. Its luminosity is phenomenal- perfect glow without accentuating my ridiculous open pores! Don’t you want me? (blush) is a close second. It’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Milly Vanilly like the defunct duo are so-so. They’re good addition but not really, you know what I mean?

{with eye primer; camera flash}
Metal-ica (inner corner to midway)
Lead Zeppelin (outer corner, a little on crease)
Allegro (crease), Adagio (brow bone & tear duct)
The Stroke (on top of eyeliner)

Have a nice day,


*tell me you know the songs! the titles are in italics. I purchased this*

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13 thoughts on “the Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette (Review, Swatches & Songs)

  • Love this palette but I don't normally buy palettes that contain lip products as I do not use them!

  • YES! I'm pretty sure I love every Bon Jovi song ever made especially those! Great karaoke songs too :).There are a ton of great shades in this palette, I'm sure I'd love the highlighter!

  • Oooooh my bands 😀 in a pallet 😀 but more a neutral shade person when it goes to eye shadow.
    But still looks amazing on you

  • 🙂 love your write-up inserting the songs 🙂

    i also thought this will be a LOUD palette. Kinda neutrally for me..

    nonetheless you look at your best here.. so radiant. love your lip color too.

  • I would pass on this palette. I think your right I expected more in your face palette with this type of name.

    • Yeah, my fave from thebalm is still that nude'tude. xo

    • Anonymous

      I'm a pro makeup artist working as the national makeup artist for another brand, and I still stand by my nude 'tude palette. It really is good quality. Why is the Balm Jovi such terrible quality? They probably got a different manufacturer

  • Anonymous

    I have this, I bought it because it was Buy One Get One Free…and Emily Noel recommended it. I am so glad I bought it, even though the shades are not my norm, I think it works! They last SO long and didn't crease as soon as my Urban Decay Naked palette (to my surprise, since UD has been my HG brand)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I wanted to love this too. I bought it because I'm a man, and a makeup artist, and don't wear or carry makeup around for myself but it's nice to have an all-inclusive palette that doesn't take up much room to have just in case friends want makeup when we're going out or co-workers at my office job. It's a FANTASTIC design and color scheme. Just the quality of the shadows sucks. They are really powdery and chalky, the glitter disappears when you put it on…I hated it, and returned it. The illuminater is quite nice though.

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