One of my favorite techniques when doing cat eyes a.k.a winged is to use a black eyeliner & angled eye brush. I feel that I have more control over this tricky situation. Plus I don’t know any woman who doesn’t own black eyeliner, what about you?


1) Line your upper lash line with the blackest black eyeliner in your stash.

2) With your angled brush, drag the line outwards, then inwards.

3) Coat the bristles of your angled brush with black eyeliner.

4) Using the tip of your lower lash line as your guide, slowly create an angled line from the tip of your upper lash line. Remember: the higher and longer your line, the more dramatic cat eyes you’ll have.

5) Connect and drag the line downwards. Coat again the bristles if you must.

6) Fill in the space. Optional: Seal with black eyeshadow to prevent smudging.

Finish with 2 coats of mascara. 

Care to share your own technique?



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