I feel you. The holiday season is unfair to genetically- greasy face gals like us! While some can rock glowy skin in shimmering splendid, here we are wishful thinking that we can wear this holiday trend just as good. Like who wants to accentuate those pores and oil? Certainly not moi!

But it’s all in the technique my sisters in greaseland! Here’s how to glow without looking oily. Own the night, you party baby!

1. Always start with a clean face. Needless to say, wash, tone and moisturize. Use oil-free and mattifying products if you must. Witch hazel and salicylic acid are known to control oil and shine. And in case you don’t know yet, grease exaggerates pores.

2. Use makeup primer before foundation. It will help your makeup stay in place the whole time you’re partying.

3. Use oil-free and matte foundation. My go-to includes Tarte 12 hr-Amazonian Clay and Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +.

4. Seal foundation (and concealer) with finishing powder.

The first 4 steps just made your face MATTE. Let’s move to the glowy side of you.

5. Use matte or sheen for your eye makeup, never metallic beauties! We want the focus on your face remember? Alright I hear you. You still want to go for gold and bronze. No problem, just use them sparingly, oki?

6. Now decide- do you want glowing bronze ala JLo, glowing blush ala Taylor Swift or highlighted cheekbones ala Kate Moss? It can’t be all of the above unless your goal is to be a disco ball.

7. Oh you want to be J Lo! Then sweep the shimmer bronze on the side of your face like number 3 (side of forehead, side of cheeks, jawline). If you’re showing off your neckline and shoulders, dust some over them too. Use matte blush on your cheeks (coral or barely-there pink). You may wear bronze or hot red lippy, whatever works for you honey!

8. Hmmm you changed your mind and want to be the simple yet glowy Taylor Swift. Then use a baked blush or blush- on that has subtle shimmer. With emphasis on subtle ladies. Skip bronzer or contouring, you want to be that breath- of -fresh air amidst the sweaty hardrockin’ party people!

9. Fickle-minded as you are, you finally decided to be Kate Moss, what with her highlighted cheekbones! With your angled face brush, dust highlighter on your cheekbone in an upward stroke. Don’t highlight your T-zone or where you grease the most. Again, use matte blush; you can contour this time but opt for matte bronzer.

The last step is optional but if you want a smudge-free makeup whole day, mist your face with a makeup finishing spray like Skindinavia.

So given all these techniques, what are some of my favorite luminizers? That’s a hard question but here are my go to’s lately:

1. Too Faced Peach Leopard for glowing bronze
2 Too Faced Pink Leopard for glowing cheekbones
3. Milani Baked Blush (Luminoso 05) for glowing blush
4.The Body Shop Dazzling Rocks shade 01 Golden Copper for glowing neckline/shoulder.

How are you rockin’ this glowy look?


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