You and I have crossed paths with Madame Chic. She could be your mother, teacher, neighbor or aunt. Women who touched our lives in more ways than one. For author Jennifer Scott, she met hers while living in Paris as a foreign exchange student in 2001.

Jennifer Scott is the writer and editor of The Daily Connoisseur, a lifestyle and beauty blog. In Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I learned While Living in Paris ($23, Simon & Schuster), Jennifer shares her mantra in healthy living (diet and exercise), style & beauty, and how to live well.

Without spilling the beans lest I spoil your reading pleasure, this book is filled with personal anecdotes. From the author’s raggedy sweatpants and unhealthy snacking to liberating herself with ten-piece wardrobe, Jennifer takes her readers from quaint Parisian alleys to her uber casual neighborhood in Santa Monica, Ca.

This book is not about transforming you to become Audrey Tatou overnight; it’s more of embracing a lifestyle that may benefit you and your loved ones by imbibing Madame Chic’s mindset (and Madame Bohemienne, another character with distinct personality) – and that is to live simply yet passionately!

I share some of Jennifer’s philosophy. I echo her thoughts on looking presentable. All. The. Time. I’ve learned this from my grandma. It’s not about being pretentious. Reality is, people treat you with utmost respect when you look decent.  Plus don’t you feel good when you look good? I do.

If there’s one chapter in the book that made me think about my excesses, that would be my clothes. In her 10-item wardrobe challenge, Jennifer took the plunge and drastically purged her clothes. Of course by no means I’d follow her footsteps to a T. Like how can I live with only ten pieces in my closet? But you know one significant thing I did today?

I have been complaining nonstop for the lack of space in my closet, HubZilla can attest to that. Well maybe it’s not the closet. Those damn clothes woman! Some with tags on, some never worn in years. Why am I keeping a tight ass size-one pair of jeans all this time? I love me some curves!!! While I can’t get away with only 10 items, I can say that my closet is looking more spacious now.

Overall, if you are looking for a chill-kind-a-book with chic lifestyle tips to boot, Lessons from Madame Chic is a must-read.

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