Try and try, that’s what I have been doing to keep my flat and lifeless lashes curled all day. After several attempts, I believe I got the formula right based on real-time results. So if you are facing the same dilemma, try this method and let me know if it helped you at all.

Okay heres’ my naked eye. Boring at its finest *yawns*

It’s all in the technique, I tell ‘ya.

Things you’ll need: Blackest black waterproof mascara, eyelash curler, swivel mirror, tissue.

(1) Imagine your lash to have 3 parts. From the root, middle, tip. Now instead of curling your lashes one time (which we are all accustomed to), curl them in section at 10 seconds each. Yes, literally count 1 to 10 starting from the root, then mid, finally tip.

(2) Now instead of facing your mirror straight (as you normally would), swing the mirror half way so you are looking down.

(3) Take your blackest black mascara and wipe the excess product with a piece of tissue. We don’t need that much to achieve natural looking lashes.

(4) Looking down at the mirror, coat lashes from root to tip. I won’t do more than 2 coats unless you’re going for clumpy lashes.

Let’s study the difference. New method was used for my right eye; traditional method (curl one time; from the tube; looking straight at the mirror) for left.

taken in the morning (natural light)

Traditional method (left side) has obvious clumps; they’re up but not that curled.
New method (right side): hardly any clumps; more curled and more natural-looking

Several hours and a dinner after….

after 8 hours (flash)

Traditional method (left) looked weird and funny
New method (right): stayed curled and up!

Problem solve for moi.

’til next experiment,


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