1. Do you constantly check your reflection whenever you pass by a car or store window?

2. Does your car’s rear or passenger mirror have fingerprints?

3. Do you have mirror on your office desk?

4. Do you love to take pictures in the bathroom, dressing room, vanity or in any place with mirrors?

5. Do you check your reflection every chance you get, say your hub’s sunglasses, iPad, smartphone and whatnot?

If you answer 4 out of 5, then you are a Mirror freako my friend! Good news is, you’re not alone! Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this girl phenomenon had gone mainstream. 

So is this habitual mirror-checking an  utter display of self-love? an obsessive disorder? a lack of self-esteem? a pandemic disease worse than zombie apocalypse?

I don’t deny that I do take side glimpses of myself. And yes, I am guilty of silly fingerprints in the passenger mirror. But don’t worry, this mirror-checking hasn’t reached to an alarming OCD level that it incapacitates my productivity. Okay a ‘lil story time. There was one point in my life when I didn’t care about how I look. At all. True. And I’m not joking. Liars go to hell. You see I was at my chunkiest; my face was reeking with acne; I abhorred the mirror, especially the girl in it. Unhappy? You bet!

Then came self-awakening. Family and friends said they miss the flamboyant me. That woman beaming with positive energy. Well I missed her too. So I ditched the effin’ drama, installed a huge mirror in my bathroom and each morning I’d greet myself “ey beautiful, wassup?”. That was in ’07, when I reignited this thingimajig called self-love. I owe it to myself, and so I thought. Paradigm shift, bam!

Back to present time. No more daily reinforcement that I am beautiful. I get it, beauty is skin deep. Add my intestines, gall bladder and lungs to the equation .

But yes, I still check myself in the mirror every chance I get- to make sure I don’t have food stuck between my teeth or to touch up after a greasy meal. Oh I sooo hate raccoon eyes!

What’s your mirror story?


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5 thoughts on “Are You A Mirror Freako?

  • 1. by stores sometimes, I check my hair, if I have make up once to see if everything is still in place. just a quick glance
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No, why should I ?
    5. No, Nooooo

    4.I don't have a low self esteem just don't have the need to make a album of my self. In fact I don't like to take pictures of ,myself or others, the only one that gets pics is my Dog, He has a kind of strange poses, and strange things he does. I have to capture it on camera.

    • Yay for your answers! what breed is your dog? my doggie too, she has this weird poses. one thing though, she knows when you have to take her picture. just say "stay" and she'll move her head sideways…

  • He is a mix hes main breed is , I did tweet you his picture is from last year. He is always drawing attention 🙂 I have more silly pictures of him but in this one u can see him clearly. Sometimes he poses like in this pic, sometimes he just ignore me hehehe

  • I'm not a mirror checker these days but I am easing into being more self-confident. I am always inspired by your posts, tutorials, and FOTD! They have actually motivated me to get back into trying new makeup and showing it off in FOTD posts on the blog. That is a huge step for me and it does feel very empowering, so thank you for your daily inspiration, Kath!

    • Oh My Tina! You've seriously touched me with your very sweet comment. If there is one thing I am thankful for blogging, that would be meeting wonderful people like you! You also inspire me with your posts, your blog name itself – my highest self – is surely motivating & liberating! I love to see more of your FOTDs, fashion, etc. I am your #1 fan!!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

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