Winter’s comin’, am preppin’ my skin
It’s snowin’, my body’s dryin’

Of course, there’s no snow in Hawai’i. Nah, Let me retract that. Unknown to many, there’s actually one place in the aloha state where it does. Have you heard of Mauna Kea (White mountain)? it’s a dormant volcano located in the Big Island. It’s the world’s highest mountain (surpassing Mount Everest), well if you add its base which is 18,000 feet below sea level. That’s some trivia for you.


Snow or no snow, my skin is super dry during the winter months. That’s a fact. Oiliest face and desert-dry body? Welcome to my world.

I had the chance to try this natural skincare set from Herbacin, a German company established in 1905. Everything is plant or herb-based and dermatologically-tested. Let’s see what’s inside the starter bag.

I’m a sucker for lip balm. I lost count how many I have but yeah, you’ll find one in my makeup bag, vanity, bedside, bathroom, office drawer etc. Herbacin lip balm is free from preservatives and fragrance. It lists chamomile and bees wax as key ingredients. I like that it hydrates my lips without the greasy feel. A keeper it is.

I‘m a germaphobe. No exaggeration but I wash my hands so frequent that it makes them dry. Herbacin hand cream is thicker than usual brands I’ve tried. It has glycerin to moisturize, chamomile to heal, and silicon  to protect. I also use this for my feet, the very last beauty ritual before I sleep. I like how it makes my hand (and feet) feel soft and smooth.

Herbacin kamille soft mild hand cream is the lightweight version. Label says it’s cream but it feels more like a lotion, consistency-wise.

So talking about dry body in colder months, I need something thicker than a lotion. Herbacin med skin wuta kamille care cream didn’t disappoint. It’s made for sensitive skin so that’s a plus point. It has chamomile to heal skin, aloe vera to sooth dry and cracked skin, and vitamin E to moisturize. I like to use this immediately after a warm shower to seal in moisture.

Finally the face products, one made for my greasy fez (gentle exfoliant)  the other two for normal to dry skin type (cleansing cream, moisturizing cream for face, neck).

If you’re used to rough exfoliants, you won’t like this; the little beads are too dispersed you don’t even feel it does the job. Treat it with a grain of salt though, my face craves for roughness sometimes. It has the same aloe vera and chamomile, with the addition of calendula.

I’ve tried the face cream wash and although it’s recommended for all skin types, I’d still say that it will work best for normal to dry skin. 

Overall, Herbacin is a good brand to try if you are into fuss-free and natural skincare products. The price is also affordable, (lip balm is less than $3, full size cream below $10)

Where to buy: company US website,, Walgreens, Vitacost.



* starter set provided for review; link for reference only *

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