Congrats! After 100 applications that you sent out, you landed a job interview. Now the next big thing- what to wear, what to do, how to behave, obladi oblada. Nervous wreck, welcome to the real world!

The key to nailing that dream job is to do some research first. What’s the industry? How do employees dress up? If you don’t know the answer or don’t have the time to investigate, I’d say go neutral with your nails without losing your personality. Nudes and pinks are your best bet.  When I was still working in the marketing department for a rather conservative pharmaceutical company, I look at the applicant from head to toe. While I absolutely value substance and personality more than anything else, I like to see how a candidate takes the minutest detail into consideration. I look at her nails, makeup, mannerisms, all that jazz. After all, marketing requires attention to detail.

Have you ever thought about your nails for a job interview? Here’s one of my favorite neutral nail polish from Butter London, All Hail The Queen. Two coats give your nails a holo beige finish, how fab!


* Purchased this stuff! *

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5 thoughts on “Job Interview Appropriate Nails

  • I dont think skills can be judged based on looks, unless you're working in the fashion industry

    • Correct that's why I put personality and substance first; again it all depends on the industry but it doesn't hurt to create a good impression coming out looking decent

  • I agree skill are more important, but dont see any
    problem wearing for example a navy blue nail polish
    for an interview. But it would be hard to be in a job where u need to pretend to somebody you're not u will be frustrated at the job and the will like or dislike a person that does not exist.

    of course there are boundaries and u need to draw a strict line of what u wear at the job and outside but always being yourself.

    • I'm happy to read your comment. I like to interview an applicant with her showing her real personality. Truth is, in this cut-throat world/ industry, skills are expected but personality counts a lot. In my past experience, I'd rather deal w/ someone whose personality jives with mine coz that would mean more productivity, and lesser unnecessary feud. Majority of the skills can be learned on the job. And yeah, it all boils down to the industry,so there aren't really hard and fast rule.

  • Hi Im happy you did, A job is a place where u spend
    8 hour a day 5 times a week or more. Pretending to be someone else is a tough job I think.
    Skills u can learn it at the Job and polish the ones u already have.

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