Many, many. No, not a typo error. This time I mean to emphasize the varied uses of tea.  I won’t deny that coffee is my engine, and without it I’m dead. Tea? a close second. For a while, I was so hooked on green tea to lose weight but now I drink tea (doesn’t have to be green, black or white) after a hearty meal or in the evening when moi just want to relax. And snooooooooooooooze. 

Aside from its healthy benefits which you can readily google (saves me time to write, hahaha), tea is an open secret to the beauty community, what with its stellar use and results!

  • Cried a river over a breakup? Reduce eye bags with cold tea bags! Dip tea bags in cold water for about a minute, then place them over your eyes for 10-15 minutes. It’s a quick fix plus concealer!
  • Insect bites on those gorgeous gams? Recycle thy tea bags. Put cold tea bag on insect bites for five minutes to help relieve itchiness. Vampire bites? No guarantee.
  • Sweaty feet? Tea bags got you covered! Soak those smelly feet in warm tea bath for 15-20 minutes (boil tea as usual,  pour in basin, mix in ice cubes or risk burning your feet). Tannins are supposed to kill odor-causing bacteria. 
  • Sunburn? Should’ve known this last month when I had sunburn. But next time it happens, Im going to put a cold tea over it. Cross-fingers it won’t, sunburn is not a joke.
  • DIY hair conditioner. After shampooing, rinse hair with unsweetened tea, it’s supposed to give natural shine to dry hair. 
  • Battling with halitosis? Polyphenols found in green tea extracts fight odor-causing bacteria and tooth decay. 

Looking for a brand new tea to drink? Check out immuno-viva Sunrise and Sunset. Both of these teas don’t contain sucrose, fructose or artificial sweeteners. immuno-viva is marketed by Botanic Innovations, a company with multi-faceted product lines ranging from skincare to dietary supplements.

Sunrise is for mornings and Sunset is for evenings. No confusion there, it’s pretty basic. I like Sunrise more because of its distinctive berry taste. It combines black, white and green tea, with immuno-viva’s potent seed powders to charge you up for the daily grind. Sunset tastes like chamomile with a bit of mint. I usually drink this after dinner or just before going to sleep. Call it mind over matter but I really feel sleepy after downing a cup. Dead tired, I am. 

Let’s call it a night. Tomorrow is another day.


Where to buy: immuno-viva, select health stores, some distributors

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* I was sent these teas along with a skincare product that I am currently reviewing. I advocate healthy lifestyle – what is beauty when you’re sickly. Links for reference only*

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