I like to support campaigns that celebrate women empowerment. After all, TheFabZilla is about unleashing the “beast” in every beauty. Defying the odds. Pushing the limits. Undaunted. Unapologetically strong.

I had my fair share of failures, personal and career-wise. But those didn’t stop me to achieve my lifelong dreams. I cried a river but conquered the ocean. Once chunky and sickly, I dropped the excess weight and became healthy. Once an insecure caterpillar, I came out of the cocoon like a beautiful butterfly. Life will never be perfect but we can always make it better!

Yes, it’s the same girl! I was even chunkier in early 2000, geez!

Fresh from my yearly physical appointment yesterday, I heard the most motivating words ever from my doctor “Out of the 2,000 patients I see, you belong to the 1% who’s very healthy. You don’t smoke or drink, your blood pressure is within low-normal, your BMI is ideal, you have no complaints other than sunburn, I am happy to have you as my patient!” Now I am more inspired to maintain my lifestyle. Health is wealth! I want to grow old in the pinkest of health, and of course fabulous!

Strong women unite! Degree Women in partnership with renowned sports broadcaster Erin Andrews encourage you and me to share our boundary-pushing journeys on Facebook from September 12-26 2012.

“I am always pushing myself to deliver under pressure. From researching stories and interviewing coaches to making sure I get my workouts in, I am constantly taking things to the next level in both my career and personal life,” said Andrews. “When the going gets tough, I need a product that doesn’t let me down. I rely on Degree Women® Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™ to protect me throughout the day.”

Women around the globe can join Erin Andrews in celebrating Unapologetically Strong Women at https://www.facebook.com/DegreeWomen Check out Erin’s tips and daily inspiration and enter for a chance to win $5,000 to spend on coaching, equipment, or practically anything to achieve your goals! Don’t miss this momentous event! Like Degree Women on Facebook and Follow Degree Women on Twitter  

Degree Women Clinical Protection with motionSense (Cotton Fresh) delivers strong prescription-strength defense against embarrassing wetness and offers three times protection than traditional deodorant. It has the exclusive motionSense technology that is triggered by motion – it works when you move. 

I had the opportunity to try this new variant Cotton Fresh. The scent is natural with a mix of creamy musk and amber. It withstood my rigorous dance workouts and a day of non-stop errands. My armpits are sweat-free and proud!

What’s your story? Are you Unapologetically Strong? Share ’em on Facebook!
Degree Women/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DegreeWomen/app_490698364273986
Degree Women/ twitter: https://twitter.com/DegreeWomen



* Facebook Giveaway is hosted by Degree Women. Sponsored post from One2One Network and Degree Women. Product and Incentive were provided. Nevertheless, TheFabZilla supports Women Empowerment.*

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