Have you ever been fitted professionally for a lingerie? Statistics show that 80% of women wear wrong-fitting bra all their lives. Unknown to many, wearing the wrong size can induce back pain, breast pain and poor posture. Count me amongst the 80%. 

Braologie is a brand new company that aims to bring a revolutionary approach in bra-fitting by understanding a woman’s body ~ size, posture, built, among others. Part of their  pre-market strategy is to offer free consultation and products to a select group of women so they can personally experience this unique approach in lingerie-fitting. Having said that,  FIVE of YOU will have the chance to own a complete set (bra, vest, long leg panty) before the company formally launch this concept to the public. Amazing isn’t it?

I had the opportunity to review and evaluate these products. If you are interested to participate in the giveaway, the process went something like this.

1. I was sent a questionnaire to fill out (click image to enlarge)

2. I emailed a photo of my upper torso showing front, side and back.

3. Braologie sent a report based from my answers. The analysis was quite a revelation. Read further….

  • Arms appeared big in proportion to your body
  • Back is wide in proportion to the shoulders and breast tissue is spilling out on the sides of the bra
  • Breasts are displaced to your sides and lack of fullness on the upper part of the breasts
  • Slight protrusion of abdomen
  • The curve of your lumbar region appears inconsiderably abnormal. There is possibility of lower back curves inwards more than it would naturally do
  • Pelvis laterally tilted upwards to the left and laterally tilted downwards to the right

Geez, I didn’t realize Braologie will be this thorough. I won’t bore you with the analysis but each of the observation above has a valid explanation (it’s a 3-page report mind you!). So I informed Braologie that I wasn’t standing on my feet but kneeling on the bed trying to keep my frame centered for the camera, hence the abnormality of my lumbar region. But I pretty much agree with the rest.

4. Braologie asked me if I want to proceed with the next step: products will be sent FREE for me to review, granted a feedback will be provided to the company (thru email). I said yes!

5. I received the complete set tailored to my size, with instructions on how to use the bra, vest and long leg panty.

My feedback: The bra and vest (advised to be worn together) felt tight the first time I put them on but the feeling of being constricted subsided as days went by. I noticed that I wasn’t as slouchy at work because the bra mechanism sort of forced me to sit or stand straight. The long leg panty felt the same, it reminds me of the victorian corset, what with the meticulous hooking/unhooking. The straps are sturdy and the cups  are right for my petite size. Here’s moi wearing the set (notice the more defined waist and slightly uplifted front?)

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! Enter only if you are willing to be evaluated and able to provide honest feedback (thru email) to Braologie. Before participating, please read and understand TheFabZilla’s guidelines on giveaways.

As mentioned, FIVE (5) will have a chance to win this lingerie set. This giveaway is open international and strictly for TheFabZilla Blog Followers. Once I picked and validated the winners, your email address will be forwarded to Braologie (c/o Tallia). She will then walk you through the process, explain the report, and send the prizes/set. Let’s start the bra, I mean ball rollin’! Wait for Rafflecopter to load. Good luck!

*Giveaway sponsored by Braologie* Links for reference only*

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18 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Functional Lingerie (Bra & Shapewear That Correct Posture) by Braologie- CLOSED

  • A nicely fitted bra makes you feel and look great, it's really important. I would love to try this lingerie!

  • I think it's fabulous that a company is trying to reach out to women and make them understand that it's OK (if not great) to get professional advice for the girls! A lot of women don't even know that there are saleswomen trained to help find the right bra fit. And it's great that they look at posture, too. 🙂

  • I do notice that even though I'm short, I tend to slouch a lot – it would be interesting to see if this would help me break that habit ^^

  • I have a very weird body, and it will never be easy for my to find a suitable bra. I want to improve my posture and confidence hopefully with the help of this. =3

  • I have pretty bad back pain due to poor posture — it'd be neat to try something like this!

  • You can definetly tell the difference, i've always suffered with bad fitted bra's, and back ache (somewhat due to do poor posture) I'm glad to hear that the feeling of being constricted subsided, i also like the corset, it would probably help to hide a few extra pounds too which is great for me 🙂 Thank you for this review and giveaway!

  • I just had a baby six months ago.And my body has changed so much.I also have back pain all the time. Came accross your page. I thought it will be great opportunity. Though i had tried other people advice and they had a hard time. plus this covers the entire boob from the side. Thank you for the apportunity.

  • I love the idea of finding a perfect bra that helps with posture…I know you said the restricted feeling went away after a couple of days, but I wonder how comfortable it would be for daily wear.

  • I do slouch a lot and this may be my answer

  • I have really poor posture and I tend to slouch a lot. I think something like this would really help with my posture and lower back pain.

  • Bra Fitting is super important!!!! I always have the problem with either my cup runneth over or a gap:( and i can never find a shoulder strap that will stay in place but isn't too tight!!!

  • I would love to win, totally need a new great bra.

  • I'd love to try this, it looks like a cool bra!

  • I love the way it looks, it doesn't bulge or anything.

  • Vicki Neulinger

    I would love to try this out. I have a tendency to wear the wrong size which effects my posture negatively

  • Sheila Chaffins

    A bra fitting would be fabulous. I have never had a bra fitting and I would love to have one.

  • The only bras that ever were comfortable were the result of not just a bra fitting, but actual recommendations. I've tried to get the same size in other styles and it just doesn't work


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