Do you have inexplicable bites in your face, hands, and arms lately? Are they red, swollen and appear in a straight pattern? Uh-oh, those could be from bed bugs! Although hard to differentiate from a regular mosquito bite, bed bug bites can cause insomnia, anxiety, and secondary skin infections related to scratching (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Bed bugs are most commonly found where we sleep, hence the name. One time I watched this investigative report showing hotels with severe bed bug infestation, Sweet Jesus! I nearly puked! Bed bugs spread inconspicuously. You may be reading this post not knowing that the luggage you brought from a recent travel had bed bugs prancin’ and dancin’ on the side pockets.


What to do then? Bed bug bites in general don’t require urgent medical attention. Bites vary from skin to skin, and in extremely annoying circumstances, an anti-itch cream or lotion may be the best way to manage it. The quick and dirty way of dealing with it is to throw away old mattresses and pillows. If budget allows, call your local exterminator. Moving forward, cleanliness is key. Vaccum regularly and wash your bed sheets as often as necessary. After all, don’t you want to unwind in a clutter-free and clean home?

Yay to beauties without bugs!

~ Kathryne & Winkles ~

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4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Bed Bugs

  • Interesting post! I have to say that I've propably experinced these in the past when I was out of Finland, in Egypt. I remember having there strange red bites without any memory of a mosquito biting me. They didn't itch though, and went away after a week/two.

  • Hate bed bugs! When we stayed with my husband's dad and stepmom a couple of years ago, there were bed bugs in the attic because there were also brown bats in the eaves (the attic was finished). Apparently, bats and bed bugs go hand-in-hand! Bed bug infestations are very difficult to get rid of. You either have to use high temperature heat to get rid of them, or put down diatomaceous earth.

  • That's terrible! I'm itching already as I read your comment, eeewww

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