Early this year, I made a conscious effort to switch my beauty products to all-natural and cruelty-free. My bathroom is no exception.

I’m not big on bar soaps but this particular brand tickled my fancy. Olivella products are made with 100% virgin olive oil from Italy. Olive oil has a gamut of uses. In skincare, it’s a good moisturizer for dry flaky skin. It also contains Vitamin E that fights free radicals, the very culprit to aging.

{ Ingredients & How to Store }

My eyes are used to the long ingredients of traditional bath soaps so I was surprised to have only counted four from this product. I guess for moi whose needs are becoming more and more uncomplicated, the lesser the merrier!


The variant that I am currently loving right now is lavender. I was hoping to find a purple a shade but no, all soap bars are made green to preserve the chlorophyll in virgin oil.  Olive oil for my oily face? I was hesitant initially but after using it for two straight weeks, I have observed that my face feels soft and hydrated. No new breakouts, thankfully! As for my body, I like that it doesn’t leave any residue. It doesn’t lather as much, partly due to the absence of chemical additive sodium lauryl suflate.

What’s more to love? Never tested on animals.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely.

You can find these from Olivella’s website, Cleopatra’s Choice, Dermstore at $3.50+ each.

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