A Natural Toner and Makeup Setting Spray in One? It’s Possible with DeVita Natural Skincare Moroccan Rose Facial Toner

You had me at first mist. Look who captivated this zilla‘s heart!

What it is.  Marketed by DeVita Natural Skincare, a company niched on all-natural, vegan, paraben-free, and PETA certified skincare line, Moroccan Rose Facial Toner is made from a unique combination of essential oils, lactic acid, witch hazel, to name a few. Rose oil in particular, has healing properties. It is a good astringent and has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects.

How to use. As a toner, mist cotton pad and pat onto face. Follow with moisturizer as necessary. As a  makeup setting spray,  mist 3 pumps (about 10 inches away) onto face as a final step to makeup.

So what is captivating about it? If you like rosewater scent, you will enjoy this as much as I do. It comes in an elegant glass bottle (5 oz./ 150ml); is gluten sensitive safe; no GMO (genetically modified organism); never tested on animals. Because it has witch hazel extract and natural fruit acid, it helps control oil. As a makeup finishing spray, I was surprised that it can actually perform that role. In fact, I have not touched my Skindinavia Finishing Spray in the last three weeks since I started using this. Such a sweet discovery I must say!

Where to buy? I bought this at Cleopatra’s Choice (as of today 9/10, it’s sold out! unbelievable) but you can order online from DeVita website ($22.95)

Have you tried this brand?


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