So you cried a river last night and you have to go to the office (or school) today. Blame that stupid thing called L-O-V-E for those nasty puffy eyes. Sob if you must but don’t go out looking like a hot mess. Trust me, this ‘zilla  can relate to your agony. ‘Been there, done that. Life goes on. Someone’s loss is somebody else’s gain. Now get your sh*t together, face the mirror, and let’s do a quick beauty fix.

1. Reduce the eye bags. Try dipping tea bags in ice cold water for 15-20 seconds. Lie down and place tea bags over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. The coldness helps reduce swelling while the caffeine component minimizes dark circles.
2. Conceal puffiness. Following your usual foundation routine, use a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone to illuminate the eye area. Dot concealer in a triangular pattern, just under the eye or where the eye bags are prominent. (check out my post Look Well-Rested to have an idea). Blend and seal with a pressed powder.
3. Downplay puffiness by focusing on the upper part of the eyes. Apply eye primer to help the eyeshadow stay longer. To de-emphasize puffiness, use a lighter shade (pale gold or champagne) for lids and light brown or taupe for crease. Create an illusion of bright eyes by tight-lining the upper lashes and applying shimmers on the inner corner a.k.a tear duct. Don’t line your lower lash line or waterline.
4. Anticipate crying spells so wearing a waterproof mascara is a no-brainer. It’s the dreaded “day-after”. You’re with your friends who has nothing but serious angst towards your ex. They curse, you wail! Reality bites.
5. Cheer up thy cheeks. Apply a light pink blush on the cheeks.
6. Paint your lips red.  Bring out the reddest red or hottest pink lipstick you own. If all else fails, everyone’s attention will focus on your drop dead gorgeous lips.

Remember now, these tricks are meant to hide signs of over-crying from a heartbreak, not evidence of domestic violence! Don’t tolerate abuse. Speak up, seek help. Respect yourself. Don’t be another statistic.


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