You have probably heard and read somewhere that eyebrows frame the face. Call it trivial but it’s the first thing moi notice when I talk to people. Okay ‘lemme be honest, between those circle lenses that are bigger than your eyeballs and those oddly- shaped brows, I tend to snark at the latter. One time I was interviewing someone for a job opening, I was |this| close to pulling out my tweezers and pluck those super bushy and untamed brows. 

In its natural state, my eyebrows are beyond boring. But with a little trick, I think they look pretty decent. Over the last months, I have transitioned from using eyeshadow to brow powder to eye pencil. I’d say using eye pencil was the easiest and fastest. For this tutorial, you will need (1) eye pencil that’s a close match to your brows’ color for a more natural look (2) small angled brush (3) clear mascara (4) tweezers to pluck stray hairs.

Eyebrows 101. Depending on the shape of your face, you can style your brows in different ways. Assuming you have already plucked those stray hairs, let’s now proceed to the quick-and-dirty type, and that is to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

(1) Hello there lifeless eyebrows, yikes!

(2) After applying eye primer over the eyelid, blend the remnant onto your brows. This will prevent the eyeliner from feathering or smearing.

(3) Outline the top and bottom part of your eyebrows using eye pencil (I used dark brown)

(4) With a small angled brush, start to blend and fill the space in between. Brush towards the direction of hair growth.

(5) Practice makes perfect. Use q-tip damped with makeup remover to erase mistakes. 

(6) To keep hair in place, brush your eyebrows with gel or clear mascara.

Do the rest of your makeup and you’re good to go gurl

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