I have a huge thing for hygiene. You can’t be fabulous with sour funky smell, ladies! I bathe twice a day, morning and night. The products I use vary, some for review, the rest have become staples. But you get the logic, women should devote time pampering their skin and body. Why not, it’s the only skin we got! Here are some tips for you:

1. Immediately after a warm shower, slather some body cream or lotion. Cream is 50% water, 50% oil so if you have extremely dry skin, use this instead. Lotion is 80% water and has lighter consistency. Moisturizing within three minutes seals in water and makes your skin less dry.

2. Prevent sweat and body odor, use a deodorant. What good is a brand new makeup if your pits stink like hell.

3. Amp the fragrance. I wear perfume or light cologne in the morning and body mist at night. Ooops, I take that back- it all depends on my mood. You can layer your fragrance (same-scent lotion and perfume) for a more uniformed and lasting smell. A woman that smells good commands attention.

4. Remove remaining traces of makeup, tone, moisturize and more! Sometimes a makeup remover before shower isn’t enough so wipe off any excess before you begin your skincare. Use a toner and moisturizer meant for your skin type. In the morning, I use an oil-free moisturizer that has SPF. In the evening, I use a lightweight oil-free one. If you are using anti-aging products (I am currently testing one), apply that first before a moisturizer. 

5. Moisturize lips. I said it before and I’d say it again, dry cracked lips ain’t pretty.  Lips are part of the skin and they react fast to hot and cold weather. I use a lip balm that has SPF in the morning and a regular one at night. Luscious lips don’t kiss frogs!

6. Pamper those feet. You can use your body lotion or cream to your feet and massage in between toes and heels. A woman with nice smelling feet should be put in a pedestal.

7. Hydrate hair. I wash my long mane three times a week but every night I apply hydrating oil to keep it shiny and healthy. I try, promise!

~~ Remember to treat yourself like a queen. You deserve it!~~



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