Cruelty-free drugstore brands are hard to come by these days. So while browsing Walmart’s beauty section, I was reminded of Hard Candy. 

Subconscious: “That’s some trendy packaging right there.  Don’cha want bold lashes too?” 

Moi: “Stop it, I’m on a no-buy mission today. I came to Walmart to check out the optical services” 

Subconscious: “I thought you need felt tip eyeliner?” 

Moi: They don’t have black eyeliner! 

Subconscious: Dark blue is a nice substitute lady! 

Freak! An hour later, I left with makeups, new jammies, craft supplies and a prescription for contacts. Story of my life, bow!

Swing to reality. Experience taught me that the best mascara is still in oblivion. Bold tarantula-like lashes are nothing but Photoshop manipulation. Ostentatious brand names don’t translate to actual claims. So I had no great expectations when I picked up Hard Candy Lashaholic Super Volume Mascara Biggest Baddest Lashes. I just like the FabZilla vibe of this mascara’s packaging. Naughty & nice to put it bluntly.

At $6.60, this is quite a steal. The barrel container and shocking pink tube can pass for some mid-end, if not high-end department store brands. The bristles are slightly concave which I don’t think helped in the application at all. The formula is a tad dry. It’s not really smudge-proof because I noticed smearing at mid-day. Oh well, this humid weather ain’t helping either. While it did give my lashes some volume, it can’t be any badder! One coat produced nicely separated lashes, two coats made it clumpy. But I expect that from a lot of mascaras anyway. Overall, it’s a good everyday mascara but as in usual, ditch the marketing claim.

Next is Stroke of Gorgeous Felt Tip Eyeliner ($6.00). I am a pencil and cream eyeliner user so I want to try this formula. Black is sold out so I settled for “In the Navy”, a deep blue shade.

Hmmm, I’m not happy with this. It’s a weak blue in my pigment dictionary. I lined my lash line a few times to get a decent amount of color. While it didn’t make me teary (I have sensitive eyes), I. don’t. like. this. at. all. No further elaboration needed.

Have you tried these yet?


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8 thoughts on “Review: Hard Candy Lashaholic Biggest Baddest Lashes Mascara and Stroke of Gorgeous Felt Tip Eyeliner

  • I so agree with you about mascaras… they all claim to be fabulous but the vast majority of them fall flat, high end brands included!
    I have yet to find my HG mascara, and while waiting, I'm now only buying drugstore brands. They're not perfect, but at least, they're cheap.
    The best mascara I've come across as of today is Diorshow Iconic, but man, it's expensive.

    • True that. It doesn't help that makeup advertisements aren't regulated. Mascaras in particular make the most obnoxious claims. Same here, I haven't found any HG yet, for the most part, high-end brands differ from the way they make the shape of the wand and/or bristles. Other than that, the ingredients are practically the same. xo

  • I agree with you and Lulle: all mascaras claim to give you those gorgeous false lashes look, but most of them do nothing.

    • Very true. To me the smartest choice is to pick the blackest black mascara because coating your lashes with it creates the illusion of volume.xo

  • I haven't tried either of these and don't plan to (especially now!) but I adore Hard Candy Baked Bronzers and Blushes! You should give them a try if you haven't already.

  • I haven't tried either of the two products. However, I actually like the blue eyeliner on you—plus, you have beautiful long lashes!

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