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Top Ten Natural Beauty Products

Do you want to look good without breaking the bank? Well now you can! Not all beauty products are expensive – so check out these ten natural cosmetics.


If your favourite exfoliating cream has run out – fear not. Simply raid your kitchen cupboards and open a bag of sugar. Pour a few granules into a tiny bit of olive oil and rub the abrasive mixture over your skin – hey presto smooth silky skin for minimal cost. You could even make a jar of it and keep it by the shower by adding a little lemon juice also, find the recipe here.

Olive oil

Believe it or not, olive oil also makes a wonderful, low-cost body cream that lasts and lasts. It’s been used as a beauty product for many years and can protect the skin from the sun. Simply rub a small amount onto your skin as you would baby oil, just be aware of how much you use.


There’s no need to spend a fortune on moisturiser when there’s a tub of butter in the fridge. That’s right, a dollop of lard can leave your skin soft and smooth, so massage it into your dry patches. It may be an idea to wash off once you have smoothed it on, but it is great for giving instant relief to skin.


There are many skin rejuvenation techniques that will improve your complexion, but strawberries can also work miracles. The salicylic acid in this delicious fruit is thought to cure acne, so try applying this to your skin. Make a facemask by mashing up strawberries with a dollop of natural youghurt and relax with it on your face for 10 mins.

Natural yoghurt

If your complexion needs a little TLC, get hold of some natural yoghurt and spread it over your face. This should relieve any discomfort and will help to cool the skin if it’s irritated or inflamed. This is a great idea if you have caught the sun, the cold yoghurt will bring instant relief.


The heat of summer can dry out your hair, so why not make a hair mask using banana? Mash up this sweet-smelling fruit until it’s silky and smooth and massage it into your locks. Leave it on for as long as possible before washing out completely with lukewarm water.


Fed up of wrinkles, crow’s feet and laughter lines? Then check out these facemasks recommended by experts. One of them is made using avocado and is believed to reduce the signs of ageing – so don’t miss out.


While wearing a facemask, you could also place two slices of cucumber over your eyes. They are thought to reduce swelling and can get rid of the dark bags that can ruin your appearance.


If your skin improves when you swim in the sea, it’s probably due to the high salt content of the water. To achieve the same effects at home, simply pour a cup of table salt into your bath and soak for half an hour or so. Repeat this process regularly and your spots and pimples should clear up.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can lighten your hair, but it can also leave your nails looking whiter than ever. All you have to do is squeeze a little juice onto 10 pieces of cotton wool and let your nails soak for a few minutes – it’s that easy.

Beauty products are expensive, so raid your kitchen cupboards and save your pennies.

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