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No matter what store you go into today whether you are looking for dress clothes or workout clothes, there is one common them: Neon! It’s back and it’s spectacular! I wanted to share some of my tips from the average girl to incorporate this fashion trend into your everyday workout outfit.

Other than some dress code guidelines your gym may have, there is no right or wrong way to dress for the gym. Whenever someone is getting starting with my gym I always recommend that they make sure they have a decent pair of running shoes, and something they feel comfortable sweating in. Since this really varies from person to person, I never want to tell anyone what to wear. What I do want to make sure, is that they feel comfortable. Because when you are comfortable in what you are wearing you automatically feel more confident. It’s pretty simple. It’s too bad when people don’t feel comfortable in their own clothes, for whatever reason. Often with women, it’s because what they are wearing is too tight. I constantly see women at the gym pulling at their tops and shirts, either pulling them down over their lower torso or pulling them up over their boobs. The best advice I have for when shopping for anything, not just workout clothes is when you find something you want to try on, take 2 or 3 of the item in different sizes and try them on without looking at the tag, so you don’t know which size it actually is when you try it on. A lot of times, women especially get caught up on a number or a size. When it should be about comfort and how it looks on you. Don’t force yourself to buy a medium shirt when, let’s face it, the large fits better.

The fashion of fitness has absolutely exploded over the last 10 years or so. Who would have thought it would be socially acceptable to wear yoga pants out to a restaurant for dinner or even out for drinks with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely pleased with this particular evolution of fitness fashion. I practically live in my workout pants.

The other bit of advice I have when you are dressing for the gym, is try not to wear all black. I know it’s easy and often women feel more comfortable draping themselves in slimming black, but I have a fellow blogger who had inspired me by being bold with neon this spring and summer. Start with a fun coloured pair of socks, hat or backpack and then venture out from there. I am not saying you have to run out and purchase a pair of hot pink leggings. I am suggesting that adding colour to your workout wardrobe will not only brighten up your outfit, but brighten you up as well.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can add a small splash of colour (neon) to your summer fitness wardrobe:

Smart small with some fun socks, underarmour.com

Now think about buying a bright coloured sports bra. That way it can add a bit of colour by peeking out from underneath a tank top or a t-shirt. Nike has some awesome colours and styles that are comfortable and supportive, nike.com

Last but not least. American Apparel has an awesome line of neon polishes that you can experiment with. Adding just a tiny bit of colour to get that little taste to see if you like it, americanapparel.ca

Easy enough, right? Right. Speaking as a top to bottom black clothing wearer, adding colour, especially neon is a little bit terrifying. Good luck and I hope these tips encourage you to be bold with neon. Once you’re ready and feeling a little more adventurous here are a few of my personal favourite options to add neon to the extreme:

Women’s Under Armour UA Fly-By Stretch Mesh Tank $29.99

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop $72

Personalize your own brightly coloured yoga mat, mycustomeryogamat.com

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*Photos provided by Guest Blogger Tara*
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