‘Dunno with you but every time I read or hear about Dead Sea, I feel like I’m transported back to biblical times. Moses. Ten Commandments. You bet this girl watched that movie. 

Fact is, Dead Sea is known to have healing wonders. History Rumor has it that mother-of-vanity that is Cleopatra ordered cosmetic factories to be built along its shoreline. Why not, Dead Sea is teeming with natural minerals known to mankind. #bucketlist

So my restless fingertips led me to Cleopatra’s Choice website, the exclusive retailer of Adovia. And for $8.95 + free shipping, moi gotta try it.

What it is: Formulated with mineral rich black mud from Dead Sea, Adovia’s all natural, mud soap gently cleanses away oil, bacteria and dirt. Skin feels clean and hydrated as it’s infused with essential minerals indigenous to Dead Sea mud. For all skin types. Made in Israel. Cruelty-free.

Ingredients: Dead sea mud, 80% palm/ 20% palm kernel oil, dead sea salts, magnesium, sodium, potassium, demineralized water, natural extract (fragrance).

Mad about Mud! Madly in awe, that is. I never used bar soap for my face because I hate its super-drying effect. Not with this one though. My face feels slightly taut after washing, kind of a good thing because it somehow reduces the appearance of my open pores. Devoid of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), it doesn’t lather as much. Sea salts started to surface after several uses which makes this bar a good exfoliant. My face feels butt-soft, you know what I mean? It’s fragrance-free, at least that’s what my olfactory nerve detected.

I’m definitely repurchasing this and I’d love to try other Adovia mud products as well.

Have you tried any mud soap yet?


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5 thoughts on “Review: Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap

  • This sounds VERY promising!!! I want to try it now! Thanks for the great review! xx

  • I've tried a mud soap(and a facial mask)from Alaska Glacial Mud Co. and loved them both! They were great for my oily skin. I'm going to check out the website you mentioned!

    • That sounds interesting. I have oily skin as well. I wanna have my skin smothered with some Alaskan glacial mud, I'll check that out too.

  • I recommend, just can't do any better than the Dead Sea soap and salts.

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