Tired eyes, puffy eyes, dry under eye area, crow’s feet (okay, am almost there) – just some of a woman’s my never-ending beauty dilemma. Rescue moi. Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals, a cruelty-free company that lists Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts (to name a few) as celebrity clients, sent me a 1.5 ml vial of this eye potion for review and evaluation. 

Brand’s promise. i. cee. u + (new supercharged formula) is an eye gel that helps lift and revitalize the look of tired eyes. It features Chirally Correct, a combination of active ingredients and antioxidants that soothe the delicate under eye area. It has Hydrocotyl extract that reduces puffiness and Kiwi fruit extract to diminish appearance of dark circles. The formula is now supercharged with potent antioxidants such as Tumeric, Green tea and Kombuchka (black tea ferment) which combat the signs of aging. It suits all skin types, especially those with fine lines and puffiness. Free of artificial preservatives, colors, fragrance and always cruelty-free.

Key ingredients. Organic jojoba oil, (soothing), organic aloe (soothing), green tea (anti-aging), kombuschka (boosts skin immune function), gotu kola (toning & firming), butcherbroom extract (toning & soothing), shea butter (soothing, emollient), licorice extract (soothing), tumeric (brightening, antioxidant), horse chestnut extract (antioxidant), calendula extract (soothing), kiwi fruit powder (anti aging), fructan (moisturizing), sodium hyaluronate (soothing), spin trap (antioxidant), proline (amino acid), glucosmaine (firming), sodium PCA (moisturizing), panthenol (Vitamin B5 for moisture).

The results are in. For reference, this vial (sold as trial size at sircuitskin.com for $15) lasted 10 days for me, at twice a day usage. The full size 15ml bottle costs $120 ~ equivalent to 3 to 3.5 months, roundabout.

i. cee. u. + is a clear eye gel with thin consistency. It is very lightweight and is absorbed into skin without the icky greasy feel. Dabbed under the eyes, it is very refreshing and has a bit of cooling effect that lingers for a few minutes. I used it before bedtime and in the morning (under makeup). Unlike other eye creams I have tried, this product didn’t settle into any fine lines (yep, I’m starting to have, sigh!). 

Final thoughts. The trial size is not enough to evaluate its anti-aging properties but on the basis of reducing dryness and look of tired eyes, I can vouch for it. If you have not found your holy grail yet, i. cee. u sees you right through. Clever name I must say!


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