So you have done every trick imaginable to banish acne and puffy eyes but still got ’em. What to do now babe?

Sideways and on my stomach are my favorite sleeping positions. The soft pillow resting against my cheek or my tummy romancing the bed (okay I’m exaggeratin’) are my self-induced lullabies. It’s a habit hard to break but these positions could be the ‘lil culprits that are robbing us the beauty!

By law of gravity, fluid collects around the eyes when you sleep on your side or stomach. Have you ever had that feeling of waking up with one side of your eye heavier than the other? I sure do. A quickie solution is to sleep supine and/or add extra pillow under the head.

Pimples concentrated on one side of the face? I’d bet you are a side sleeper. This is indirectly-related to your pillow case. Imagine the bacteria (due to dirt and oil trapped in your pillow) partying for 8 hours as you snooze? Eewww. Wash bed linens frequently, remove makeup and wash your face, and try to sleep without your face touching the pillow. 

Still in my jammies and bloggin’….


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2 thoughts on “How Changing Your Sleep Position Can Solve Acne & Eyebags

  • My eyes definitely look a little less puffy when I sleep on me back. Unfortunately, 9 months of pregnancy made me so used to sleeping on my side that it's annoying to sleep on my back now so I have puffy eyes more often than not.

    • I can relate.To me, it's a hard habit to break coz sleeping on my side is more comfy. I start sleeping on my back and wake up on my side. LOL

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