DIY | Recycle Buttons in 3 Fabulous Ways

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Moi got a ‘lil recycle-slash-DIY project today.

While I was reorganizing my hole-in-the-wall craft area yesterday, I saw three zip loc-full of buttons (vintage, retro, crystals, etc.) mostly hand me-downs, from my ma-dear & MIL. Hmm, time to upcycle these lonely buttons in three different ways. Look what I came up with!

(1) Dainty Earrings

(2) Elegant Cocktail Ring

(3) Cute Hair Clip

Basic supplies:

Strong adhesive, cutter, flat back for earrings & adjustable ring blank pad (available at craft store or ebay), Goody hair clips/barettes.


The basic principle for this DIY is to make the back of the buttons flat so you can glue them straight to any surface. Use cutter to trim that portion (see red arrows below)

Now that the back part is flat, glue the button to flat backs (earrings), adjustable ring (cocktail ring) and barettes (hair clips). Easy as ABC. Let’s say 1 2 3.

I made a video for better visualization, click here to watch

‘Luv luv to recycle. ‘Til my next DIY beauties!




  1. Abigail
    June 5, 2012 / 2:46 pm

    love them

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