Finally, I’ve found a way to recycle this crafty box (a freebie from Boots) by converting it into an eyeshadow palette. Recognize the eyeshadows? yep, they’re from Wet n Wild. Pretty cool yeah?

I’m not gonna lie, much as I purge my collection every now and then, storage is becoming a problem for these impulse drugstore beauties…

And this box is simply too charming not to reuse and/or recycle…

Before I proceed with the deets, nope I didn’t invent this trick. De-potting eyeshadows have been demonstrated time and again by beauty bloggers and vloggers. Regardless of the procedure involved, note that I don’t recommend doing this DIY with kids or pets around. It’s easy but a ‘lil unsafe as well. 

Looking at the above photo, risk is self-explanatory. Anyhoo, here are the tools for this project: ceramic hair straightening iron, scissors, nail pusher, double adhesive tape, and paper towel.

Step 1. Put paper towel over hair iron to protect the eyeshadow case. Leave the palette on top of the hair iron for about one minute or until the back glue from the case has melted.

Step 2. Be careful when removing the palette from the hair iron. I can’t stress enough that it could be hot. Common sense baby. Use nail pusher to lift the casing from the side.

Step 3. Cut a small piece of double adhesive tape and attach it to the eyeshadow. Then press the eyeshadow against the container or box of your choice.

Step 4. Sadly, no matter how careful you are, your eyeshadows might break from the lifting and turning. Fret not, take a damp cloth (wipes) and press it gently on top of the broken eyeshadow. It’s a quick fix~ not perfect but good enough.

Now you can bid adieu to your clutter…

…. and say Aloha to your own custom palette.

I hope you like this idea. ‘Til my next DIY ‘zillahs!


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