As a sequel to the Big Pony for Men Collection, Ralph Lauren launched this line for us Eve’s last April. Each scent claims to embody a woman’s ever dynamic personality. Intrigued as to what fragrance will suit me best, I purchased the coffret edition at Macy’s ($49.50).

The Buzz. This eau de toilette coffret has four different scents, at 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) each. The regular- sized bottles’ price range from $55 (1.7 oz) to $70 (3.4 oz). I believe there’s a body mist from this collection ($23) which I have spotted at Sephora. 

1 Sporty Fresh. Packaged in a blue bottle against lime green “number 1” and yellow pony polo icon, this has floral citrus scent which features a combo of grapefruit and blue lotus. Personally, I’d describe it to be more of a sporty-boyfriend-type. Unisex is the word baby. 

2 Fruity Sensual. Featuring a fruity mix of cranberry and tonka mousse (Mr. Google said tonka is a Venezuelan bean which has sweet and herb-like fragrance), packaged in a pink bottle with blue number 2 and green polo pony icon. In layman’s lingo, the scent is sweet and romantic, something you’d wear for a date. It’s subtle but evokes sexiness.

3 Radiant Floral. With pear notes and mimosa, this floral mix is packaged in bright yellow bottle with orange number 3 and blue polo pony icon.  The most underwhelming, this version is just another floral scent with fancy packaging.

4 Delicious Oriental. A floral combo of wild cherry and purple amber, packaged in a purple bottle against  a yellow number 4 and pink polo pony icon. A little on the strong side, the scent is exotic and crisp.

The Bust. The scents don’t last pretty long, I know they are EDT not parfum. But even then, the fragrance is weak to my liking, especially no.2 and 3. Le Hub  had to sniff my neck literally to attest the presence of fragrance. These bottles from the coffret edition don’t have sprays, so you have to dab the fragrance onto your wrist or pulse points. If I have to choose the best, I’d pick no.4 on the basis of uniqueness and olfactory power a.k.a being able to smell me at least from a 2 ft.-distance. 

Over-all rating 3/5 Nice clean scent for summer but not something I’d buy again. 


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