How can I not have a mascara reserve? Today I realized that three of my active mascaras are past due their shelf-life. Lady ‘gotta throw them after three months of use lest I risk bacterial contamination. 2 Cargo and 1 Laura Mercier mascaras, it was a bittersweet goodbye. 

Eek! Boring lashes can’t leave home without mascara. Quick remedy? Pull out that blackest black eyeliner and improv. If there’s a will, there’s a way! So I was in the middle of doing this trick when I realized moi gotta take a picture to document….

Spot the difference. Obviously, the one on the left is the real deal sans eyeliner-slash-mascara trick. The right side have somewhat fuller and raised eyelashes.

Don’t expect vavavoom and tarantula lashes though. This trick is meant to rescue a mascara-deprived lass for the time being, say you forgot your mascara or don’t own one. Using a black eyeliner will create an illusion of fuller lashes. Case in point…

Open and closed eyes, there’s a little magic right there my friend.


1. Line upper lash line with black eyeliner.

2. Run eyeliner on top of lashes, back and forth (like gentle brushing)

3. Curl eyelash.

4. Repeat procedure until you are satisfied with the result.

Long story short, I rushed to Target after work today to buy a new mascara (review soon).


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