I’m starting a new segment for my blog which summarizes my week’s highlights. Not that it matters, what with my self- penned mantra MYOB. Mind Your Own Business. Mind Your Own Bulls*it, hahaha! 

Anyways, I can’t believe how fast this month went by, don’t you think so? Last midnight, I started to spring-clean and prune my makeups and closet. I finished this afternoon with a more streamlined vanity and yeah, I disposed some cosmetics I hardly used. I’m not yet done with my closet though, let’s see next weekend.

Hell to the No! Le Hub and I had been fast food drive-thru junkies last week, blame the lazy bug who feasted on my normally active- self. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Jack in a box~~> this has to stop STAT. I am serious.

For straight week, I only used theBalm Nute’tude eyeshadow palette. A feat for someone who wants variety ~ if this ain’t love then I don’t know what it is. If you missed my review, click here

Ha, I attempted to rock Hunger Games’s Effie Trinket nails. I am not an expert in nail art so I was happy it came out pretty decent.

A new Walmart opened in our neighborhood. Good news to savvy consumers like moi, sad for K-Mart and small businesses in the area. Of course, the curious cat Kath went to the opening day and checked out the beauty section in a flash. Yep, I bought some makeups.

I received a 15% off promo mail coupon from Sephora, which I thought was perfect timing since I am down on one of my beauty staples, Clinique pore minimizer. So after work yesterday, we drove to Ala Moana (the largest mall in the island). While I was testing out some makeups, a very courteous Sephora staff asked me if I needed basket for my goodies. Lo and behold! I bumped into fellow beauty/youtuber Liz who happens to work there. We were like “hey, I know you!”. A chitchat here and photo op there, it was indeed a neat surprise to see each other in flesh (that’s us in above photo). Check out Liz’s channel, click here.

I wish everyone a meaningful commemoration of Holy Week!


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