Okay here’s my dilemma for the nth time: Adult acne, oily skin and visible open pores. So I need a life skin-saver that is multi-tasking sans the over-drying side effect which is common to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid-based products. Wonder of wonders! I found that all in Vichy Normaderm (Acne-prone skin) by accident. Yep, I have been using this product for over two months now, in the morning (after toner and before I apply primer for makeup) and evening (after toner). I said by accident because it was a free gift when I purchased another Vichy product (still being reviewed by moi). 

Deluxe size

This product is indicated for the treatment of acne, which to my opinion is more of preventive than therapeutic. Now if you have huge zits or bumps with pus, this is not your overnight solution because the salicylic content is only 1% so it will take about 3 or 4 days before that nasty pimple is gone. I suggest use something that has 2% salicylic acid or try benzoyl peroxide 10%, that is if you don’t mind the stinging sensation plus the over-drying side effect as I have mentioned many times over.

On the preventive aspect, I like how my face hibernated from the horrific- zits- here- and- there (especially during PMS). I still have some whiteheads though (because I’m still in the process of rejuvenating my skin from bi-monthly glycolic peels which I am also evaluating for the past months before I give my concrete review). But overall, my face is quite clearer now, thanks to this little-less known brand.

Another thing I like about this product is its hydrating property. Needless to say, I don’t need to apply a separate moisturizer each time – saves me effort and moolah, ‘can’t beat that. Yes, even if you have oily skin, your face needs hydration to keep it supple. Hydration is not about oil, they’re not related at all. Read my previous post to know more about this topic here.

Oil or shine exaggerates open pores so with this product’s mattifying ability, my obnoxious pores are quite reduced, but not to say they’re gone forever. Open pores is largely a genetic condition, too bad it runs deep in my blood!

I love this product because it addressed my personal skincare needs, so it’s a 5/5 rating for moi and I’m buying the full size as soon as I consume this baby.

As I have previously mentioned, when it comes to skincare it’s “different strokes for different folks”. What works for you may not for me and vice-versa. If you have found your holy grail, stick to it.

Although I can talk lengthily on skincare (having worked as a Product/Marketing Manager for a dermatology company before), my opinion is based on personal experience. Treat this like an additional resource but never as a replacement from your consultation with a dermatologist or doctor.


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7 thoughts on “Vichy Normaderm Triple Action Anti-Acne Hydrating Lotion

  • Hello dear ..

    I used this product with the toner for a week and now the acne is increased .. Is this normal !!!! 🙁

  • Hello dear ..

    I used this product with the toner for a week and now the acne is increased .. Is this normal !!!! 🙁

    • Hi EiMy, our skin reacts differently to certain products. Because this brand is an exfoliant (salicylic acid), it could be related to increased cell turnover, meaning your skin is undergoing unclogging of deeply seated sebum. Some acne medications do that to our skin for some weeks and then it clears out. Skincare is really about trial and error, what works for some may not for you and me. If you think you are experiencing severe irritation, I'd just say discontinue using it. Have you tried benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments?

    • Hi dear thank u for your answer :

      the first thing I've used : Dalacin-T with Differin gel

      (The second thing I've used : Dalacin-T with (a capsules of Antibiotic

      every time .. the same thing happened .. with every product the acne is reduced
      but then it returned back 🙁

      Ps : I've used the whole product after asking my doctor .. he adviced me to use (roaccutane) but I did not accept that idea ..

      please dear .. do u recommend any brand for (benzoyl peroxide)

      because I found many on Google

      thank u for you reply 🙂



    • Hi EiMy,
      For the most part, acne is hereditary. If you have had acne in your teenage years, chances are they'll come back in your adult life. That's the sad thing about it. I still have occasional breakouts even at my age now. Have you considered consulting your OB-GYN? it could be hormonal in your case. For benzoyl peroxide, I don't know which ones are available in your country. If you're in the USA, most BP brands are sold OTC. They vary in strengths rom 2.5% to 10%. Studies say that efficacy isn't related to % strength but reactions do. Based on personal experience, 10% stings more and peels more but my pimples were dry on the 3rd day.

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