Do you tend to over-analyze things and situations? Spend hours or days thinking about what could have been the ultimate result had you done things differently? It’s not a frequent occurrence but yeah, I do. Sometimes Le Hub will ask me “are you okay, you seem lost” or he’d tell me “snap out of your over-analysis, you can’t control situations”.

I hate to call myself Ms. Perfectionist because to err is human, as the adage goes. But one common trait among us striving for idealism is over-analysis. The tendency to think many times over. We don’t stop until we have searched for the best solutions. And even if there are answers already, I still challenge myself. Mental torture it is.

When I was still a corporate slave, I have reported to several directors or CEOs with different managing styles. One whose eyes are focused on spotting the minutest mistake (numbers and spelling), the other who hates analysis- paralysis. One who wanted a full documentation of events regardless of number of pages, one who wants the meat in half a page. #wtf!?!

But come to think of it, faced with uncertainties, do you act based on gut-feel or push your mental faculty to the limit? I say it depends.

Gut-feel is common sense or in psychology, the moment when your sub-conscious acts faster than the conscious mind. Intuition? yes. In fact, it’s a test-taking strategy when you don’t know the answer. Tell me if this ever happened to you. You initially thought answer A was correct. But you changed to B. Five minutes into reading the question, you settled for C. Exam results came in and your first answer was right all along. Only if you didn’t over-analyze, grr! 

Mind ‘ya, over-analysis has its advantages. I can back up my answers or plans with a myriad of proof. I am confident that I don’t twist facts. I can engage in a debate with eyes closed. It’s mentally exhaustive but very rewarding.

On the other side of the fence, over-analysis spoils a good moment.  I can’t focus on a nice conversation or enjoy a hearty meal because my mind is wandering elsewhere. 

I wrote this post because I am still a work in progress. When in doubt, I trust my gut. And it feels mighty good if the outcome was positive. But if it was wrong, I waste too much time (and energy) going thru this whole analytical process. I know it’s easier said than done- Forgive and forget. I can’t seem to forget.

This is just me sayin’….

Mind wandering or enjoying the moment?


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