Laura Geller Baked & Beautiful Collection (Medium), $60, Macy’s

Despite its popularity in the baked makeup category, I never got to try Laura Geller until recently. Undecided what to pick up using one of my gift card stashes, I  handed this set to the sales associate with one question ~ so how do I use this Balance and Bronze? It’s like a finishing powder she replied. Alrighty. Now that’s the thing I like with gift or starter sets , I can try out deluxe-size products and evaluate if they deserve a repurchase down the line.  But wait, Ms. Geller didn’t scrimp on this collection! Three are full -sizes. #Ecstasy

The Buzz. This is an 8- piece collection featuring Laura Geller’s best-seller products. This kit was centered on Dream Creams Lip Palette – a marriage of four complimenting shades that flatter every skin tone (my set is Medium). Laura Geller’s baked makeups are all made in Italy (hand -swirled and baked in terracota pans for 24 hours). The brain behind the brand, Laura Geller, is a renowned MUA and a household name to QVC fanatics.

A yay or nay? Let’s dissect this kit….

This lip palette is full-size ($23.50 if sold separately). It has four coordinating shades that can be worn alone or mixed altogether. The texture is more like lipstick with a bit of luminosity akin to a gloss. This palette has a mirror for quick touch-ups. It’s not sticky and has a slight creamy fragrance. The shades are ideal for those with warm skin undertone (bronze, copper, mauve). 

Dream Creams Lip Palette Swatches

This blush is full-size ($31 if sold separately) and undoubtedly one of my favorites from the entire collection. The marbleized swirl effect is so pretty that I was too adamant to swatch let alone use it. It’s a classic rosy pink blush with subtle gold shimmer finish. I’m not big on shimmers because they magnify the appearance of open pores and exacerbate shine but this one gives moi just the right amount of healthy glow.

Blush-n-Brighten Swatch

Balance- N- Bronze Regular

Another full-size from the collection ($31 if sold separately) is Balance-N-Bronze, a half-half of Balance N- Brighten (a skin tone corrector) and Bronze-N-Brighten (a bronzer). Both have matte finishes. The bronzer side gave me a natural sun-kissed look. Balance-N-Brighten is supposed to be a “liquid foundation” in powder form which you can use on its own but I ended up using it as setting powder. Honestly I don’t think it corrected my skin tone at all (what’s to correct I pondered..Hmmm, I want lesser obvious pores but it isn’t the main purpose of this product). Swirled together, I had this uber-bronzed face and slightly pink forehead which wasn’t appealing at all. Really.

Balance- N- Bronze Swatch.
Eye Rimz Baked Eyeshadoow Bewitching Bronze

My top favorite is this deluxe-size baked eyeshadow. It’s dark brown with bronze flecks and with subtle shimmer finish. I used it wet and dry and both gave me commendable color pay-off. Applied over an eye primer, creasing was nowhere in sight for nine hours, hallelujah!

Wet and Dry Swatches of Baked Eyeshadow
Spackle Under Makeup Primer

The next inclusion is this deluxe-size dimethicone-based primer with plant extracts like aloe, gingko biloba, witch hazel, calendula to name a few. It is lightweight, easy to apply and blend, and helped my makeup last longer. 

Dual-end blush, eyeliner brush, lip brush

Finally, this collection comes with good quality makeup brushes which is a rarity in gift sets. The dual end blush has soft bristles, the eyeliner brush is also good for smudging, and the retractable lip brush is now a staple in my makeup bag.

The proof is in the eating…. Here’s moi in scrubs featuring Laura Geller Baked & Beautiful…

I used everything from the collection, with the addition of
gold eyeshadow for my crease/transition color & highlighter for brow bone.
I used all shades from the lip palette.
Dry technique for eyeshadow.

Overall, I’d rate this set 4/5, a definite must-try. As in any collection, there’s always a miss and it’s the Balance-N-Bronze for me, particularly the “Balance” or skin- corrector concept. Eye Rimz Eyeshadow got me intrigued with LG’s other shades and Blush-N-Brighten is my current go-to blush. At $60, you are getting a $120-value set ~ quite a steal if you are experimenting with Laura Geller just like me.


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