He’s not into you. Open your eyes. Follow your gut. Ignore your blind heart for love is fatal to the fools. Here’s moi releasing my inner beast to share with you a piece of my relationship opinion. Let’s just say that I’ve been there and done that stupid thing called love. Wisdom comes with experience. But don’t get me wrong! Wild as it may sound but beneath this feisty facade is a mild heart to my Le Hub. No rhyme intended. 

Seriously, don’t waste your time or attempt to be a life-saver for this hot -mess- of- a- guy, hoping against hope that he will be your knight in shining armor. If Mr. Perfection Right is not embedded in his nitty gritty bone, it’s not going to happen. Sad but true. Spare yourself from drama and abuse. Your worth is way more than a dozen of roses or cheap box of chocolates he gives you each time he makes up for his mistakes. Get what I mean?  My Love 101 Radar says not to deliberately ignore these signs or your’e doomed girl…

1. Gut feel from family and close friends is often right. Nope, your man doesn’t have to impress everyone in your circle. But there is no smoke without fire. What we see is what you don’t because the love bug’s venom is more potent than your rational thinking. Then the next turn of events. You will avoid friends and family to prevent conflict with your man. Then your man gains control of you. Then you think your man is the savior of your lonely life sans friends and family. The strong you becomes Ms. Dependent and weak. Pathetic. And who started this drama? Not us my friend. We are telling you from the beginning but you pushed us aside.

2. Buddies and booze. He is at his nirvana hanging out with friends, partying and drinking on a regular basis. So you want him to stop and spend more time with you? Nag as much as you want mommah but he won’t quit until Mr. Bachelor realizes it’s time to act maturely. 

3. Demeanor is major. How does he get mad? Does he swear a lot? Bang things? Hit people? Did he ever hit you? This is a BIG NO-NO! Allow him hurt you once and it’s the start of the cycle. Domestic abuse happens even in courtship phase. Do not be another statistic in the growing list of abused women. Always remember this ~ If your man treats you like a queen, treat him like a king. If he treats you like shit, he goes straight to trash because that’s where his evil heart resides.

4. His family. How does he treat his family, especially his mother and sister/s? If there is absolute respect that exists, consider it a bonus point. If he’s a typical mama’s boy, run away fast. Monster -in- law is not a fiction sistah!

5. Without you he’s nobody. Aww, the sweetest thing to hear from a boy! Think again. That means you will clean after his mess, pay for his bills, work out his issues, the list goes on. This man got no backbone. Girl, you want a man who will also take care of you as much as you do.

There’s no Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right. But there is The One. The one that balances your yin and yang for a truly blissful life.



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