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Who is WickeRmoss outside the blogging scene? 

“WickeRmoss beneath the crest of waves is named as Charles. I’m a frikkin’ late night moviegoer, a traveller with a multi-faceted persona in her luggage. If you can’t find me anywhere else being trigger-happy with my toy cam, 69% chance am in one corner chewing on my pencil tip, still writing.  Though I got a lazy bum prepping, I love to cook while watching horror flicks. Did I mention am multi-faceted? Oh, yes  I play basketball (hate volleyball) and I love it when I’m playing billiards, it’s one of those times that I feel really at peace…and yes, boxing is another diversion.  It keeps me fit and sane. When am outta my wits, I bask under the sun and get the most stubborn tan , ever!”

You have a unique style of blogging: wit and sometimes sarcasm which I find humorous and engaging as a reader. How do you enrich this writing skill?

“I think it’s innate; when I write I do not allow any space for pressure to kick me in the butt. I see it as me having a love affair with instant noodles….drink up all the soup while it’s hot, else noodles get soggy in the end. Once my writing fluidity is up and about, the “taste” comes out naturally. Unintentional sarcasm then becomes the humorous spice in the end.”

What has been the most difficult challenge you encountered as a blogger?

“Writing while sacrificing fun. It kills! It’s as if my hands were dipped in a tub full of ice for hours. It’s numbness at its best!”

What are your top 3 beauty must-haves?

“Oh, the can’t live without and would bring on a desert island staples? Eyeliner, Mascara & a Red Lipstick. I’m actually good with the red lippy alone. I feel “naked” sometimes if I am not wearing one.”

Looking at your closet now, how do you describe your clothing preference/ fashion sense?

“I’m the one who favours an eclectic approach when it comes to fashion. Throw me any type of clothes and I’d still be able to come up with “something”. Laidback, Random, Me.”

Is there a beauty tip you love to preach but don’t follow sometimes? 

“Drinking water of at least 8-10 glasses a day. Water is the very best friend our skin could have but I myself tend to neglect this. Blame it on my coffeeddiction! I know that THAT doesn’t count at all…tsk!”

Any particular Asian beauty brand that you have raved so much? 

“Is the question tied up to Asian brands only? Hmmm, I love Shiseido per se…. and being a Burberry freakoe, I’ve been in cloud 9 since the British brand Burberry Cosmetic line has finally hit the Asian countries as well. Burberry’s the bomb, nuff said.”

What has been the best thing that happened to you since you started blogging?

“It’s a cliché if I’d say, I gained more friends, but definitely glad that I have come to prove to a lot of people that I can stand on my own without sacrificing my integrity. That’s what matters to me most, integrity & self-respect. One can write and write and write, but at night, can you tell yourself that what you have written is right?”

Please share your tips to those wanting to start a blog. 

“Not a preacher here BUT! I’d re-quote what I have posted on my status update recently and you’ll get the hype of blogging and all that jazz…

When you write on the web or simply when you blog, be prepared to get not just good but nasty comments…in your face it is most of the time. Be jostled like a pinball, get vigorously shaken not stirred. My take? God did not create me to please everybody or else I’d have a monument built by now amidst the Madison Square Garden 🙂 

G O T T A C H I L L .

Charles enjoys a day out in the sun

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