I’m on the hunt for some new mineral-based makeups lately. Not that I detest my all-time fave bareMinerals. ‘Ya know, just one of those ‘lemme-try-that– days. 

So this Mr.Know-It-All a.k.a Google had me landed on this website that has quite a bohemian air to it. The clean look and simplistic typeface were a subliminal success. Add to cart, why not? What with the friendly price.

At $10, this Brow Defining Kit from Everyday Minerals caught my attention.


Picture from here
I forgot to include the vial in the first 2 pictures I personally took. #Excited

The buzz. This mineral-based brow kit includes two shades for brow makeup (deluxe size), an angled bamboo brush, and trial-size illuminator. The website described this kit as ideal for the brunettes and blondes.

Messy or smudged intentionally? I say both.

The bust. If there is one thing I hate about mineral makeups in general, it’s the messiness of it all. My vanity is teeming with fallouts, my oh my! Somebody save me from this madness, please. Other than being brown, the only difference between these two shades is the intensity. Dark brown is light brown and Mrs Coffee is darker, if that makes sense at all. Both are very pigmented so a minute amount atop the sifter is enough to line your brows. The claim that these can be used by blondes is a misrepresentation because they are way too dark unless you don’t mind having brows tinted differently from your hair-up-there. I am brunette so this suits moi just right. The angled brush is of good quality ~ the bristles are uber soft and it’s my eyebrow brush fave at the moment. The trial-size illuminator requires a tricky application. It has a rollerball that controls dispensing of the powder. In short, either you get a whole lot or very little when you glide this illuminator directly on your brow bone.  I don’t like the rollerball idea. For some reasons, I associate it with a roll-on deodorant. Odd I know.

Over-all rating. 4/5 Must try for brunettes, skip for blondes. At 1.7 g per container, this will last me for a long time. A year or so perhaps. 

Bold brows are in. They make you look younger, yay!

Brows don’t need to be twins. They’re sisters.


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