Nope, don’t ask me about Hunger Games ~ ‘never read the book or seen the flick (yet) but I am a fan of Elizabeth Banks who is Effie Trinket in the movie version. Her avant-garde fashion is ah-mah-zing to the nth power.

I give credit to youtuber Cutepolish who makes fabulous nail art designs for this interpretation. Nail art is admittedly not my niche and I can only admire from a distance because (1) I don’t heavy steady hands ~~> blame that coffee! (2) I am right-handed and my left hand is not as gifted as its sister.

Anyways, here is my attempt to rock Effie’s nails…

L’Oreal Don’t Wait Up (Magenta Pink) as base, Le Metier de Beaute All That Glitters (metallic gold), LA Girl Top Coat, cosmetic wedge.

Coat nails twice with magenta pink and let it dry. Break the cosmetic wedge in half and coat the ridges with gold polish. Stipple the wedge on top of nails from mid-way to tip. Let it dry a little. For gradient effect, coat wedge with gold polish and stipple again. Finish with top coat.


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2 thoughts on “Effie Trinket- Inspired Nails

  • Anonymous

    your first attempt turned out pretty well…i might try it but is it ok for my age and status?

    • Thanks for your comment. This nail art is an age-bender, I don't think there's an age limit to it. If you find the base color too loud, you can use neutral pinks…

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